Work in progress.
Masto without and with CSS.

Feat. @dia who helped me fix some things I couldn't find myself ; and @Incandescente who's the best person on earth.

(Yellow was supposed to be the "I'm not sure what color use" color, but I'm getting used to it lmao)

@Dhveszak @dia @Incandescente hmmm why not make it a DiU colortheme?
or maybe JOJO themed, like a lotta gold, with maybe purple or cyan

@tojo Those colors are great in a drawing/art but I don't feel like it'd be that cool applied on website's UI
+ I wanted a dark-ish theme not to fuck my eyes up at night lmao

@Dhveszak oooo I meant like dark purple or dark blue tbh

@tojo Yellow/gold is one of the most difficult colors to use in design, especially when it's dominant :(

That's for example why in the movies, Iron Man's armors almost always are dirty : they tried to "hide" the goldish-shiny effect behind this

@tojo It's not really a jojo-dedicated instance, there are only a few references and the cool name aha

@tojo Well everyone has the right to talk about what they want! I won't force people to talk only about JoJo (there isn't so much to say on a daily basis)

But I've done some cool emojis :ora: :dora: :araki: and some more are coming soon

@Dhveszak @tojo the emojis are so cool omg
that's another reason for me to change instances aaaaah

@dia @tojo ahaha
I'll soon add killer queen's thumb because that makes me laugh lmao

@dia @tojo already planed, I have the image I want to use for it, but I'm lazy lmao

@dia @tojo there will certainly only have one (maybe two) characters in one emoji and you'll have to use it multiple times though

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