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available during epidemics or possibly pandemics where there are people at risk,” Edward Campion, executive editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, told the Canadian journal the Scientist.

Among the leaders in the open-access movement is the University of California, which ended its subscriptions to about 2,500 Elsevier journals after it failed to come to terms with the publisher on liberating access to UC research.



  • 4/5

publisher of Nature. But it’s under assault by universities and government agencies frustrated at being forced to pay for access to research they’ve funded in the first place.


Elsevier, Springer and other commercial publishers have temporarily dropped their paywalls on coronavirus-related research, but they say the action is limited to the duration of the crisis and doesn’t apply to other published research.

“The responsible thing to do is to make all research freely - 3/5

with support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and other backers. “Decisions are made by professional editors who are in the business of selling magazines, which make a huge profit by virtue of controlling copyright on the literature and by controlling access to the literature.”


The prevailing model today is dominated by for-profit academic publishing houses such as Elsevier, the publisher of such high-impact journals as Cell and the Lancet, and Springer, the - 2/5

About time. #OpenKnowledge #FreeCulture #Science #COVID19

This is one of my #advocacy. I'm a supporter of #OpenAccess especially since it helped me personally in my #gout issue (my last gout attack was late 2017). Studies which helped me tremendously were behind a #Paywall.


“The [scientific] literature is controlled by largely commercial journals,” says Randy Schekman, a Nobel laureate biologist at UC Berkeley who founded ELife, a nonprofit open-access publisher, in 2011 - 1/5

Please do correct me. The most vulnerable to #COVID19 are the seniors (60+), next are those in 30-60 bracket. What's the purpose of school suspensions if young adults, teenagers, and kids, are the less vulnerable? Carrier perhaps? No official channel is discussing about carriers.

Again, do correct me. I'm just trying to make sense of things. I'm sure it's perfectly fine to ask questions? #coronavirus (hopefully not #12monkeys)

Officially down to 72 kg!

  • I was 77-78 kg around late November to early December.
  • By late December to early January, I was 79-80 kg.

For my height, 175 cm, 76.5 kg is the threshold to overweight and all the dangers that follows.

I made it my target to hit 70 kg in 3-4 months time. After that I plan on maintaining around 66-67 kg.

#Fasting + #Running + #Powerwalking + 8-10 hours of #Sleep + Proper #Water intake + eating #CleanRealFood (a.k.a. #Kosher #realfood ) + #discipline

#Natural 😜

January 1, 2020 the day #China implements the National #SocialCredit system & other laws such as the #Cryptography law.

Do you still remember #VoltesV? Yes, that Japanese #anime we've always played as when we were kids.

A live-action is currently in the works in the #Philippines by GMA Network with the guidance of #TOEI, the owner of the IP. It's entitled "Voltes V Legacy".

They released the first teaser trailer last night, December 31, 2019, during the #NewYear countdown. The critics and purists were amazed!

Watch it here: #VoltesVLegacy

Let's Volt In!

The #AI era begins on 2021.
In the early 21st Century.
Just as the #Matrix predicted/warned.

#Marvel #Endgame vs #DCCW #CrisisOnInfiniteEarths

  • Heroes count: few vs 64
  • Time: 3 hours vs 5 hours
  • Scope: Universe vs Multiverse
  • Key characters died: Iron Man and Green Arrow

#CoIE #DC #CWDC #Arrowverse

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