When your National Government's #Health agency doesn't hire knowledgeable web #developers, this is what we get.


Thank you #Mozilla #Firefox for the warning. To DOH, use #LetsEncrypt if you no longer have a budget to buy a certificate, which is understandable considering current issues re: #COVID19

  • Already informed the Department of Health but since we are a nobody, we need to make noise so they will take notice.

#privacy #security #SSL #Philippines #COVID19PH

To those in the #Philippines here are the #COVID19 hotlines.

  • Landline: 02-894-COVID

  • Mobile: 1555 (currently available for PLDT/Smart/TNT/Sun network only; Globe/TM is still calibrating)


Post #iBlog15 #podcast session. This was the last #iBlog #Philippines event and in this podcast where I was a guest, we discussed what we learned and the memories we had.

Thanks Jay Agonoy and Mike Abundo!


"Jay Agonoy shares his thoughts on the things that he's into: From Anime, Pop Culture, Events, Technology and even some of his personal journeys in this thing called life. jayagonoy.xyz"

Series of strong #earthquakes might cause movement in the Malungon Fault line which can produce a M7.2 #earthquake #BigOne #Mindanao #Philippines

  • Translation in brackets were added.

"Ibig sabihin lang nito [what this means], aside from being related, probably one fault may be triggering the other faults that essentially produce this major event,” Narag said in an interview on Dobol B sa News TV.


The original #iBlog is going to hold its last #bloggers #conference next week!

I was there when it started, I'll definitely be there when we shout our last hurrah! See you there! Admission is free!



Finally! #Philippines

In a statement Monday, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said it issued cease and desist order on September 12 against Instant Pera, QuickPera, Lendmo Philippines, Binixo, CashBus, Cashcat, Cashuttle, Crazy Loan, Flash Cash, Happy2Peso, Hatulong, MeLoan, MoneyTree Quick Loan, Pera Express, Pera4u, Peramart, PesoLending, QuickPeso and Umbrella.


#Tagalog variant of #Baybayin, the original writing script of the #Philippines.

My first attempt in using a calligraphy brush pen.

(It reads: Tala; Luna (Twinkle; Moon).)

Woah. What a Friday the 13th Full Moon. 2nd Aftershock just now and we're 160km away from the 5.5 magnitude epicenter. #philippines #earthquake

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