I just found out about a / for "LinkedIn" --> @cloutstream@mastodon.social

Also one for "Instagram" is @pixelfed

About time!

I think / projects should join. This could make it easier to get people to transfer over to DDFON/Fediverse. What do you think? thehackernews.com/2018/07/goog

Just a short backgrounder, for me is like the old-school meetups. An .

With a private/public file-sharing and point-to-point secure chat capabilities.

I think the can tie-in with keybase.io but I haven't given it much thought and in what form we can benefit from it.

What do you think?

At this point in 's public life, it is already clear that newbies in the wants to create a -like walled-garden instead of federating with the larger network.

Disconnecting from the federation or banning instances is not the solution to a problem. and addressed these properly. Mastodon users should learn from their "elders".

Network federation isn't new. Let's be humble, shall we?

I advertised www.fediverse.org and instances.mastodon.xyz in a TNW article talking about how Twitter is supposedly deleting negative United Airline tweets: tnw.me/YCgqAev

Maybe expect another influx of users in all instances.

I remember someone asking for features we like from other software.

One I like with and ( too?) is the ability to post in your local instance's public timeline only.

receives more attention from the than websites. Instance hosts love creating communities around cool domain names.

Registrars must be having a fun time seeing a new batch of purchases since yesterday. Instances are being born left and right.