When your National Government's #Health agency doesn't hire knowledgeable web #developers, this is what we get.


Thank you #Mozilla #Firefox for the warning. To DOH, use #LetsEncrypt if you no longer have a budget to buy a certificate, which is understandable considering current issues re: #COVID19

  • Already informed the Department of Health but since we are a nobody, we need to make noise so they will take notice.

#privacy #security #SSL #Philippines #COVID19PH

Post #iBlog15 #podcast session. This was the last #iBlog #Philippines event and in this podcast where I was a guest, we discussed what we learned and the memories we had.

Thanks Jay Agonoy and Mike Abundo!


"Jay Agonoy shares his thoughts on the things that he's into: From Anime, Pop Culture, Events, Technology and even some of his personal journeys in this thing called life. jayagonoy.xyz"

#Tagalog variant of #Baybayin, the original writing script of the #Philippines.

My first attempt in using a calligraphy brush pen.

(It reads: Tala; Luna (Twinkle; Moon).)

Today, Day of 6004-01-16 SC (2017-04-13 GC)

2000± yrs ago our Messiah Yahoshua rose from death. After literal 3 days, 3 nights from the hearth of the earth that he was subjected to, he claimed victory.

He was the Firstfruit. The first to conquer the grave. First to conquer sin. He presented himself to our ALUAHYM Abba Yahoah as the Firstfruit on this day of Firstfruits.

Give thanks for all the blessings. Present your Firstfruits.


first ever railroad network and trains. Still active in 2017. 😂 IIRC, this railroad network was opened when we were under American control. That's before WWII.

This used to connect the whole island of Luzon (largest island here), today, it connects the Capital Region to Southern Luzon only, and is no longer used for deliveries, only for passengers now.