Please do correct me. The most vulnerable to #COVID19 are the seniors (60+), next are those in 30-60 bracket. What's the purpose of school suspensions if young adults, teenagers, and kids, are the less vulnerable? Carrier perhaps? No official channel is discussing about carriers.

Again, do correct me. I'm just trying to make sense of things. I'm sure it's perfectly fine to ask questions? #coronavirus (hopefully not #12monkeys)


😟 Thanks for the share! That's latest I've seen re: children. Very good information.

@yahananxie Yes. Kids are vectors endangering everyone around them, in particular with this virus, as kids seem generally entirely asymptomatic, so you can't easily know who of them have the virus.


Good to know that. 👍🏽

All the announcements and news made since late December 2019, I haven't seen anything about being a carrier or at least addressed it. Now with new cases showing who never had contact with confirmed cases, the silence about being a carrier is defeaning.

At the end of the day, all of us could be one and then inadvertedly transfer it to someone vulnerable. 😟

Thanks for sharing! I thought I was overthinking about it.

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