Finally! #Philippines

In a statement Monday, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said it issued cease and desist order on September 12 against Instant Pera, QuickPera, Lendmo Philippines, Binixo, CashBus, Cashcat, Cashuttle, Crazy Loan, Flash Cash, Happy2Peso, Hatulong, MeLoan, MoneyTree Quick Loan, Pera Express, Pera4u, Peramart, PesoLending, QuickPeso and Umbrella.

Brainstorming with @Thib how the account migration feature could be safeguarded against someone who's unrightfully gained access to your account, like with those people who didn't have 2FA on and re-used passwords.

Since attackers usually just try e-mail/password combinations from data dumps, they may not actually have access to the e-mail inbox, so requiring an e-mail confirmation for such an action (as well as account deletion) would probably be a good step.


#Tagalog variant of #Baybayin, the original writing script of the #Philippines.

My first attempt in using a calligraphy brush pen.

(It reads: Tala; Luna (Twinkle; Moon).)

Woah. What a Friday the 13th Full Moon. 2nd Aftershock just now and we're 160km away from the 5.5 magnitude epicenter. #philippines #earthquake

That was a weird earthquake. 5.1 magnitude according to EMSC with 10 km depth and we're currently 160km away from the epicenter. Yet we felt it at the 2nd floor. Something was probably inaccurate with EMSC's report.

I just finished my marathon of #Manifest. If you're a big fan of #PersonOfInterest, #12Monkeys, and #Fringe, you will definitely love this series. I only wish they give us a full season in its year 2 instead of 16 episodes only.

How can it be "illegal" if the user approved the permission requests to access their contacts & camera? It's a Data Privacy Law violation. Cyberbullying too since they're publicly shaming their customers. #DontInstallRandomly #Philippines #OnlineLending

If those online lending apps were able to farm the contacts of the people who borrowed from them, it means the user gave them permission to access their contacts. These lending apps then use it to shame borrowers who can't pay "immediately". #Philippines #Privacy #hacking

How come online lending apps, with access to contacts, are downloadable in Google Play & Apple Store? These apps are publicly shaming & illegally contacting the contacts they stole from their victims. #Philippines #Privacy

Europeans are forward thinking. Look at "Gmail", it took Google years and millions of dollars before the EU owner agreed to transfer it to Google.

RT @phryk: "emoji® is a registered trademark in the EU. © 2015-2019 emoji company GmbH. All rights reserved. Licensed by Boost Collectibles AG."

The fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!? :blobugh:

Interesting… coconut shells help octopodes hunt and survive. We can probably throw coconut shells in the oceans to help them and other sea animals who knows how to use tools.

Ok, here's the official statement re: #PhilSys #Philippines #NationalID registration

"The pilot registration, covering select groups only, starts in September 2019 to test the registration process and systems. The PSA will issue a subsequent public advisory once the process and systems are ready for mass registration."

As I originally understood it but those "unofficial" pages and sites are spreading #fakenews hence the confusion.

So when is the official start date of the #PhilSys ID registration? September is a month, when in September exactly? #Philippines #NationalID

Google's #YouTube algorithm is faulty. Deleted two playlists I worked hard for and flagged my account. When I checked the link they provided, none listed qualified as the rule I supposedly violated.

Contested it and it is still pending. They're quick to delete and flag but snail slow in reviewing it.

Why people should leave #Facebook Below is one of many reasons listed.

According to a December 2018 report by The Guardian,Brooke Binkowski, former managing editor for Snopes, stated that "it appeared that Facebook was pushing reporters to prioritize debunking misinformation that affected Facebook advertisers."

At that point, "You're not doing journalism any more. You're doing propaganda," Binkowski told The Guardian.

Interesting. The parts of the surviving house were made by Filipinos in the #Philippines under a Japanese company. According to the company, it's the only factory they have where the materials came from. (I think what he meant was, the science and technology they used are only made here.) Then they export it to Japan.

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