i got a root canal yesterday and feel fine today.

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A neat little mastadon app on f-droid, mastalab. Yes it installs on blackberry passport

continues its spiral downward of pushing crappy content, demonetizing, and banning good creators, censorship, and just general "Evil" while, encouraging #1984 -like . Whats the point if its no longer "you"-tube, and just another TV network, where everything you see and hear is carefully selected to brainwash you?

taxation is theft... BUT!
You are to Render to Caesar the things that are Caesars. If you take Caesar's reserve notes, you are not being robbed, you are simply giving Caesar his money back. (plus interest)

Central bank Money is debt.

Therefore taxation is...not theft?

removed all content form youtube, un-liked all videos, and unsubscribed from all videos.

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Nadie está teniendo en cuenta las condiciones en las que viven los personajes de #0AD. @elbinario  @kim/ @zorrito #campeonatointerhacklabs  https://linuxinthenight.com/attachment/272894 Todos/as @revu jugamos a estos juegos "mirando como por encima", con aires de superioridad. Les mandamos ir a por el pan, al otro a la mina, ... sin tener en cuenta sus derechos laborales. #stopabusoslaboralesdepersonajesdejuegos #0ad @victorhck @spectrumgirl @birrasybits 

billions of devices around the world use java, and yet, nobody's heard of it. why?
The data is private.

Its like an addiction. you leave facebook because its a boring cencored echo chamber, then keep going back to find that its still the same padded cell you escaped.

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Say what you like about Bill Gates, the organizations he founded have helped struggling communities all around the world to eradicate the threat of Smalltalk

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Not sure why everyone is going on about an old Fred Astaire movie.

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A thing that tech _never_ seems to understand is that consistency is a huge part of usability.

An UI change that is a marginal improvement becomes a net negative if it breaks from people's prior expectations.

lol, i cant believe these conspiracy theorists who think that fluoride and chlorine in the water, are poisonous! fluoride is a vitamin for your teeth. chlorine is a natural antibiotic. These are the same people who think that Assad didn't use chlorine gas on his own people!

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Getting ready to replace capacitors in a DEC VT220 terminal. This kind of work is the game of a computer collector's existence.

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