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I'm a lawyer, theologian and translator working in Asunción, Paraguay, South America.

GNU/Linux user since May 2000. I like Plasma, and I use LaTeX heavily as a teaching tool. My distribution of choice is Slackware, and specifically the 64-bit current (development) version.

I teach at two local seminaries, translate English and Spanish, and have a civil law practice.

In my free time I like to read, listen to good music (I prefer classical and jazz), watch some movies and series, and play videogames. My reading interests are varied, but academically I like philosophical theology the most.

I hate meetings, loud noise and music, morning church services... and a long etcetera. I'm quite grumpy. Thankfully the wife puts up with me.

Welcome, make yourself at home.

The good fellas at @senfcall provide a great, free [beer | freedom] videoconferencing service. If you do something even remotely similar to online lectures, and even more so if you are constrained by the economy or other factors, you should definitely check them out.

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Hello #fediverse,

we are #Senfcall and we are #hosting #privacy-friendly #BigBlueButton #videoconferences.

Free as in #freedom AND #free as in beer. (donations are welcome)

You don't even have to register an account (unless you need persistent rooms). Just visit - klick on "start meeting", enter meeting name (password optional), press "start" enter your name and have fun senfing. The call-invite link you find at the top of the chat.

#FreeSoftware #Introduction

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The Politics of Supersonic Flight: the Concord(e)

Every nation has icons of national pride: a sports star, a space mission, or a piece of architecture. Usually they encapsulate a country’s spirit, so citizens can look up from their dreary lives and say …

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@senfcall I did a dry run today. Looks really interesting. Due do distance the setup is slow, but once you get into the BBB instance the run is smooth.

Will definitely suggest this to my wife, and see whether she would get it.

I also plan to consider it for my classes. Southern Hemisphere school year starts on February/March so we'll see then.

I really appreciate this service you put there. It's a significant contribution to online education worldwide.

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the internet before GDPR:
big companies collecting your data

the internet since GDPR:
big companies collecting your data after you've given up on pop-up windows with unnecessarily complicated opt-out schemes

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Dear Lazyfed,

Are there any accounts related to Ada as a programming language? I would like to consider following them. Thanks!

Had to edit a video; cut down footage after a certain time mark. I dreaded the task; I thought I had to fire up kdenlive or something similar and learn a difficult UI for that.

Well, turned out that I could do it with ffmpeg with a simple command line. Great!

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ESP32 Inkplate Gives Kindle Displays a Second Chance

Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of hackers repurpose their Kindle or similar e-reader to reap the benefits of its electronic paper display. Usually this takes the form of some software running on th…

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@friend @sombragris we only have experiences with up to 150 people, but you can certainly test our service. Since it doesn't need registration (unless you need longt-term persistent room adresses) maybe your wife could do a test-run with her class? We would be very much interested if it works. Also we recommend to not try to do this between 9AM and 1PM German time, because most of our users are using it then.

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We're hiring a Software Developer for our Anti-Censorship Team.

This developer will work to improve the user experience and process of finding alternate routes to the Tor network when global censorship events block access. FT & remote.

Please share!

Wife needs to give online lectures to some 200-300 people for 120-150 minutes. This would require a video feed from the lecturer as well as an ability to share slides, either as "screen share" or something similar.
Something like Zoom but without the participant and time limits.

What would be the best option for this? Free software preferred, but, being realistic, not required.

Today I saw an article advocating for "Ethical Source". This mean code which can be used in "ethical" manners, that is, uses which are agreeable to the developers.

Great, but this is not Free Software in any way. Freedom Zero states that the software is free to use for whatever use one wants to use.

Back in the day I remember that some people pushed the Hacktivismo General Public License as an alternative to the GPL, without much success. There is an unrelated but telling quote by OpenBSD guy Theo de Raadt, said twenty years ago:

"But software which OpenBSD uses and redistributes must be free to all (be they people or companies), for any purpose they wish to use it, including modification, use, peeing on, or even integration into baby mulching machines or atomic bombs to be dropped on Australia."


I don't use neither CentOS nor RHEL in any way, but when Red Hat announced its plans to phase out CentOS 8 I said on a local group that this disrupted the most significant use case for CentOS and this would in fact make CentOS less stable. Almost immediately some fellow dismissed my allegations as FUD.

Turned out the guy was a Red Hat employee, obviously trying to spin things accrding to the company line.

Today RH annouces it would begin to give free licenses to small sites, thus plugging a major gap left by the last CentOS announcement.

Yea, what I said was some FUD indeed... ;)

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With all the talk of #Signal and #distributed #IM lately, I thought I'd go a step further: here's a roundup of secure off-the-grid messengers: These all use strong #encryption, provide #privacy, and can be used without any Internet connection at all.

#briar is an interesting hybrid; while it uses #Bluetooth instead of longer-range #LoRa, it doesn't need any extra hardware and can route IMs over #Tor, #Bluetooth, or local #Wifi (even w/o Internet). @briar

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📢 The FSFE is hiring!

We are looking for a person with a strong technical background to support our projects with software engineering and expertise. It's a part-time position, either in #Berlin or remote.

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Stop recommending Signal. Im not going to give you my phone number.

Replace your sms app with it. Use it only with people you would give your actual number to.

Use something else for your internet friends
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WhatsApp delays privacy changes following backlash

(submitted by tchalla)

Everyone and their cousin is moving to Signal and yet their desktop frontend needs some love.

First, it's an Electron app and thus it's a huge waste of resources.

Second, it ships with minimize to tray disabled by default and the parameter is not exposed in the UI. You can enable it by passing a command line switch. But again, this is not documented.

Seriously guys, you're gaining momentum. At least make tray minimizing configurable!

(and please think about migrating to some native toolkit...)

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