I could be completely wrong here, but that the way things /seem/.

Huh, I guess searching for someone only works within connected federations? So in order for a federation to be useful as an entry to a /large/ social platform it has to have a lot of connections to other federations.

Complicated, it means that a person has to be careful in selecting their "home" for Mastodon.

Is there a way to see /which/ federations your home is connected to? It'd be nice to just ind out if I can connect to someone elsewhere without the "try and see" approach.

I like how this is small enough not to be totally overwhelming.

So, this thing is a thing. I may be internally calling it "twooter" instead of Mastodon though.


Generalistic Mastodon instance for open-minded people. Instance Mastodon généraliste pour personnes ouvertes d'esprit.