I have the quarantine to thank for forcing me to be introspective among other things. I guess my hippie soul is awakening

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In case anyone was wondering, the HTML color code for Trump's face is D18766.

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Things I don't trust:

Riot Games, owned by Tencent, a known facilitator of Chinese government censorship and surveillance, is using anti-cheat software that runs in Ring 0, all the time, regardless of if the games are running or not, and is closed source.

American street gangs have higher standards for their members than the police

What is your #age?

@thor I also can't talk about Norway without mentioning the Great Norwegian Butter Crisis of 2011
(I am also not joking this was a real event)

code-switching is a linguistic phenomenon that differs from code-topping and code-bottoming

There's not a lot of Hebrew on the fediverse, kinda makes me sad

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