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music alert! 

Thoughts on NFTs 

Got a watercolor brush working in Blender and it kind of looks okay.

I'm gonna say this is a Christmas song 

fake Matrix 4 spoilers 

I just remembered I never finished watching the Animal Crossing movie. Maybe that's because it's not very good.

Bonan Zamenhofan Tagon! Mi esperas ke ĉiu havos feliĉan tagon hodiaŭ!

Happy Zamenhof Day! I hope everyone has a happy day today!


Turns out Blender supports using a video as a texture which means I can use Krita to make animated textures to go on my models. This opens up a lot of really cool possibilities.

I'm learning to paint textures for 3D models in Krita instead of directly in Blender because Krita has pretty watercolor brushes. After a little bit of confusion on how everything works I'm starting to figure out a good workflow.

Getting in the winter mood by watching snowy train videos.

rambling about story structure 

It's sometimes useful to give yourself a bit of time away from a piece of art so you can look at it with fresh eyes. Took a look at a comic page I drew a few days ago and my conclusion: This character desperately needs eyebrows.

The fan noises mean that the computer is thinking really hard. Normally I don't make loud noises like that when I'm thinking really hard, but I can if you think it'd be helpful.

I wish there were more just plain winter songs not attached to a holiday. Like, maybe we can just admit that it's cold and dark and maybe that's reason enough to celebrate.

I always think it's funny to have those friendships that are like "I consider myself to be good friends with this person but we never talk to each other because we are both very shy".

Honestly, I've been using Linux for years and I still think it's a miracle that I don't accidently delete everything off my hard drive every time I open the command line.

Power cables have two prongs on them because your appliances need fresh purple electricity to run correctly so one prong carries blue electricity and the other carries red so they can get mixed together right when you need purple.

Watched "Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop". It was cute, the colors are nice, I liked it.

I feel like I'm always thinking about doing things with 3D graphics, but I'm just so darn bad at 3D modelling and it's so unintuitive and boring for me that I don't really feel like getting better at it. I wonder if I could create some sort of workflow that would involve modelling things with clay in real life and then turning them into a 3D models with photogrammetry. It's so much easier to manipulate 3D shapes with your own hands in a real 3D space than with a two dimensional mouse pointer on a computer screen.

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