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Looks like they're adding a way to animate transform masks in Krita 5. In my opinion that finally makes it well suited to do real animation in (before you couldn't do really standard stuff like camera panning and motion parallax with duplicating your drawings, which becomes a real pain if you need to edit those drawings after applying motion to them).

Sorry but I'm not going to watch Squid Game unless it's got some actual squids in it. I'm not here to be lied to.

Just finished watching Tekkonkinkreet and wow that was good. It's got a really unique art style, great animation and use of color, and I really liked how much work they put into making the city feel alive and interesting. Definitely one I'd recommend, especially to anyone who's a fan of animation and wants something that feels refreshing and new.

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I wonder if you could play the singing saw with an electric toothbrush...

Tried the vampire themed wax melts (on Halloween even!) and I'm not really sure what they're supposed to smell like but they definitely don't remind me of vampires.

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strong movie opinion 

It turns out IKEA will not deliver to my location so I can't get a blåhaj (their famous plush shark). I still kind of want a new plush though so I will have to contemplate ideas of what I want to get. Maybe a whale. They're often less toothy than sharks.

To be honest Twinkle Park started out as a bit of a guilty pleasure, but now it's just like "yep, this is the kind of music I listen to now".

Just remember: If it can be listened to it's a podcast. That bird making noises outside your window every morning? That's a podcast.

I'm probably going to buy some furniture from IKEA and I'm pretty sure it's a flat delivery fee, so I'm thinking of throwing in an extra plush with my order. The obvious choice is a blåhaj (their famous plush shark) but I'm kind of worried that since so many other people have a blåhaj (their famous plush shark) it won't feel quite as special or I won't feel as emotionally attached to it as my other plushes. It is pretty cute though...

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Heck yeah I want to buy vampire themed wax melts. They won't even be here in time for Halloween and I still want them.

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beverage, sweets is my favorite fashion brand.

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