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I've been listening to the same Weatherday album for the past two years (because they haven't put out a second one yet) and I feel like I'm still finding new aspects of it that I never really focused on before or little parts of it that take on a new significance for me. It's just so good and interesting and complex and I never really get bored of it.

I'm starting to think this bonus track may not exist. I cannot find it.

I got a CD of Weatherday's album in the mail today and oh my gosh oh my gosh there's a bonus track on it I haven't heard yet!!

Started reading the manga of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou and I forget how much it feels like it was made for me. Cozy anime/manga starring a vegan robot hanging out with friends around the countryside with no real sci-fi elements or lasting conflict? Yes please.

I am far too fascinated by bread clips today.

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Japanese Breakfast is so darn good, I can't stop listening to this song.

"The Body Is A Blade"


Apparently I can kind of read Hangeul now. That's fun.

Sometimes friday afternoons feel like when you want to grab something on a tall shelve but you're just barely too short to reach it even if you stand on your tippy toes.

A thursday is a sorry replacement for a friday.

We're reaching that wonderful time of year again: Over the Garden Wall season.

I should see if I can buy some chairs for the porch today. I hate sitting inside on nice days like this, it feels like such a waste.

I think it's really weird to see rotoscoping have such a bad reputation everywhere I look for information about it. Early Disney movies like Snow White used it a bunch and people will say that those are masterpieces without ever mentioning their use of rotoscoping.

It seems like a lot of discussion around rotoscoping fixates on Ralph Bakshi's use of it and like, yeah of course Ralph Bakshi's rotoscoping was bad, he was using it to try to cut costs so he could push out movies that were already over budget. Ignore the rotoscoping, the rest of the animation in those movies is trash too.

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Finished watching "The Case of Hana and Alice" and I think it might be going on my favorites list. The animation is really cool, but the whole movie also kind of silly and relaxed in a really charming way.

*taps sign*

"We take good care of our signs around here and this is one of our finest specimens."

I think one of the hardest things I'm learning to get the hang of is knowing the difference between planning something and planning to plan something.

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