I just watched the original "Hana and Alice" (I'd watched the prequel before and really liked it) and it's a really interesting film. It definitely tells a story, but it doesn't feel like it's really in any rush to tell it and the further along it goes the less important the central plot feels. The whole thing feels like the director saying "let me show you this" while presenting you with a beautiful moment, followed by another and another. And honestly it works (at least in my opinion).

I feel like color is sort of like the Voynich Manuscript where I can't help falling down a rabbit hole about it every few months and I learn a lot of new things, but I never really feel like I'm any closer to deciphering the whole thing. Color is really complicated and so much of what people teach about is just not true, so it's really hard to get a real foothold on how it all works.

I've been reading a lot about how color terms differ between languages and how that effects people's ability to differentiate and remember colors based on what language they speak. It kind of makes me want to create a constructed language that's only used to express color terms and see if it affects how I think about and see color.

Electric toothbrushes make a lot more electromagnetic noise than I expected.

Cozy socks
Cozy hoody
Cozy tea
Cozy music

Yep, I am very much cozy

video games 

You ever just want to press your own doorbell?

@c0debabe 438 is the limit, as long as you're below that you're fine.


Making Halloween-worthy sounds today.

(Playing around with my guitar, a loop pedal, and some dental floss)

Look at me learning math. I finally sort of understand a little better what a Fourier transform is.

Maybe I should rewrite the audio programming language I made a while ago so it's in C (and it can maybe finally run in real-time on reasonable hardware).



Finally got all the cables I needed to get my loop pedal working today and I am very bad at using it but it's a lot of fun.

@pixouls Maybe, but two days doesn't seem like much of a challenge.

I don't think I really have the motivation to do one of those month-long challenges like Inktober (having to do something every day for a whole month would really burn me out) but maybe I should try a week-long challenge some time.

I tried to make deer stickers but most of them ended up looking a lot more like awkward dog stickers.

I wonder what it'd take to have my website go down every Tuesday just for the heck of it...

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