Just because we're used to electricity doesn't mean it isn't literally magic. We can communicate across vast distances just by bending wire in the right shape and enchanting it with lightning. That's magic.

@montagsoup ... and then there is also "you can make rocks think by shining light patterns on them while dipping them in exotic & often toxic liquids"

@montagsoup @thegibson this. Go back in time a little and explain that we can talk with people just about anywhere on Earth using little slabs of rock and metal and glass we carry with us. And the way it works is that we have built many towers that radiate energy through the air, and these are connected together with a net-work of strands of copper and/or glass.

Now try to convince those people it isn't magic.

@calcifer @montagsoup @TheGibson well actually if you read folks from back before the enlightenment a lot of time magic is discussed it's usually less to do with the physical wonders and more to do with the obscure incomprehensible dealings and pacts with unseen powers with alien priorities and malevolent intelligences

[stops speaking and stares directly at the camera, betraying no emotion]

@montagsoup we made sand count & because of that, I can send you this message :P

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