fatphobia, trump is a piece of shit and not because he's fat 

fatphobia, trump is a piece of shit and not because he's fat 

fatphobia, trump is a piece of shit and not because he's fat 

anyway i'm eternally mad about fatphobia and i will fight all of you straight sized fuckers. to sum it up:

*fat people are still people
*fat people are not lacking in morals
*you are the one lacking in morals for treating fat people badly
*the medical industry causes fatness and then punishes people for it
*dieting doesnt work
*fuck you, i'm fat and i love myself and its great

fat people loving themselves makes skinny people mad because we've learned to break away from the beauty industry's stranglehold and they're still clawing for a fictional ideal lol


@popstar I think another big reason it makes people mad is that it destroys their feeling of superiority. They want to believe the reason they're skinny is because of their hardworking attitude and twice a week yoga class not because they've been able to live an easy life where they've been able to avoid trauma and disease while making enough money to buy healthy food without working very hard.

@montagsoup @popstar god this. so many skinny people i knew growing up (myself included) ate really unhealthy foods + same quantity of food as everyone else and it's like. i dunno the levels of mental gymnastics required to go "well you know we shouldn't romanticize obesity" while consuming largely just soda and candy and having a wicked high metabolism keep you skinny. not that it matters what anyone eats it's just, that superiority attitude is wildly more shortsighted and ironic in some cases

@montagsoup @popstar this so much. skinny people like to believe it's something they earned the same way people with expensive education believe they reached by being "smarter" than others. and to do that they need to convince themselves fat people are responsible for being fat by their decisions

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