It only let me do 4 choices, so if you'vre a fan of the square one I encourage to quietly think about whether that's really what you want in your life.

Important question: If you could date any Tetris piece, which Tetris piece would you date?

Well, I got the game Celeste running in Qemu without having to do GPU passthrough or anything. I don't really play a lot of video games, but it's nice to have something set up in case I want to.

I feel like videos about video games where they hack the camera to look out of bounds have taught me a lot about 3D animation. There are so many cool tricks that game developers use to cut down on labor and the amount of polygons that have to get rendered.

It's been a few years since I've done any camerawork (just highschool projects, nothing professional) and it seems I've forgotten the names of half of the camera angles.


New cassette day! I really need to get around to actually buying a tape player...

If I criticise the people calling Antifa terrorists, does that make me anti-anti-antifascist?

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Klee Benally's last album may now be my soundtrack for this age.

Homemade jorts are the ultimate sign of a true anarchist. They starts as jeans, already a symbol of the working class, and by being cut they change from a mass produced product into a work of individual expression that are worn without a care for societal norms.

I'm slowly gaining a mass of dedicated followers, waiting on my every post with impatient glee. It's almost time to alienate all of them and start selling out.

Does anyone have links for bail funds, funds for rebuilding PoC-owned businesses, or anything else they could use some money right now? I have a stimulus check I've been meaning to spend.

It's interesting how asymmetrical following people online is. I feel like there people that I'm always seeing posts from who I feel like are online acquaintances in a sense, but they probably don't even know I exist at all.

It's so strange when you're just minding your own business as a netizen, drifting through the depths of the Blue Nowhere, when you surf across a little piece of the Old Net, a forgotten relic of a web site full of buttons.gif and beautiful tiling backgrounds, advertising CGI perl scripts you can buy with your PayPal.

I wonder how many people have used git for writing novels. It seems like it would make for a really interesting workflow. You could create branches to test out places you want the story to go and you could make revisions without losing any of your old material.

I have a conspiracy theory that the grocery store swapped the signs for yams and sweet potatoes and now they're afraid people will notice if they swap them back.

I feeling like gambling remains one of the most entertaining ways to get your money stolen. Muggers really need to step it up and get creative if they want to compete.

One day I want to live in a little house with a yard where I can grow food for me and my neighbors, but until then I'm learning piece by piece that I don't need to buy bread when I can buy flour.

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