Also, the colors are visibly different on my phone vs my laptop, so I need to the bottom of which one is wrong. Does it look more blue or purple to you?

Here's my current work in progess so far. I think my next pass will be figuring out a way to make it less blue.

I've been learning a lot about color theory lately, and I've started to learn that the RYB color model doesn't really have any basis fact (it's really just an approximation of CMY), which completely invalidates most of what I learned growing up about selecting color schemes. On the brightside, thinking of things in RGB is actually making a ton of sense.

My golden plates go to a different school.

It's a difficult feeling when you want new things or new people to enter your life and become important to you, but you can't possibly imagine what they'd be like or when they'd show up or even if they'll ever show up at all.

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Is technology value-neutral? Sometimes.

A gear or a transistor is too simple for its design to shape its usage specifically in a positive or negative way, so yes it is value-neutral.

But a military drone using those gears and transistors in a design, can by its design have a negative usage by something more than the sum of its technologically value-neutral parts, by their arrangement and the intent encoded in that arrangement of parts.

Think about whether and how these apply to the things you create, especially with regards to when and how you share them (giving it out to everyone, keeping it private, how you license it, etc). This is why I saw the need for the NPL and CNPL, we don't have a way of acknowledging that many things we create are not value-neutral and could be (and in the case of the FLOSS community, ARE) used negatively, yet we sometimes need to create them as part of a greater assemblage for something good.

Security people: Installing updates is an important part of maintaining a secure system.

Programmers: Okay, so I don't have any security fixes for you today, so how about I break everything instead?

This morning it was cold when I woke up, so I've decided that it's now fall.

I made a post a few months ago about how I was going to eventually sell out and alienate all of my followers, and I just wanted to update you all and let you know I'm still working on making it happen. It turns out this whole selling out thing is a lot harder when there's nobody willing to buy in, and that's kind of pushing the whole timeline out. I'm weighing my options but it's likely going to be delayed for at least another few months.

Tomorrow's Bandcamp Friday, so if you're looking for something to buy, here are are some bands I like and maybe you'll like them too:

Mild Wild
Allo Darlin'
Wingnut Dishwasher's Union
Beach Bunny
Cindy Lee
My Favorite
Stick and Poke
My Fair Fiend
Sharp Knives

The government needs to and repeal their legal monopolies.

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Today I had the thought of building a whole operating system using a Scratch style block programming interface, which seems like a silly idea until you imagine a ten year old configuring a boot loader by sticking blocks together. Computers could be so much cooler and easier to program if we just got past the whole "but that's just for children thing".

I'm learning to do digital art and I decided to draw Acid Burn from Hackers as a bit of practice. I think it turned out pretty good.

Sometimes I wish I had imaginary friends, but then if I try to make up some I feel like they're not like *real* imaginary friends. It's like imaginary friend imposter syndrome.

I recently found out about Henri Meunier and I really love his artwork. These are two posters made by him in the 1890s, but the first one reminds me of something you would see on a VHS for an 80s anime.

Fake clickbait title referencing old Japanese woodcuts 

I'm kind of sad that the term "lo-fi" has started to mean "downtempo music with hip hop beats" since it makes it harder to find music that fits the older definition of "music with imperfect production and sound quality". I don't have any problem with chillhop or lo-fi hip hop, I just still want to be able to find music that sounds like it was recorded in someone's living room with a 10 year old cell phone.

Self portrait 

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