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I finally got around to finding a new home for my dream journal: @montagsdreams

There are no new dreams there yet, but hopefully I'll have a few in the next couple days that I can actually remember.

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I just launched a new art project in the form of a Mastodon bot that will slowly tell a story over the course of three weeks by posting a drawing every day. You can follow it at @dailystory

The bot post the first image on Monday April 12 and post a new image everyday at 6 pm UTC (as long as nothing breaks).

I hope you all enjoy it.


I kind of wonder if you can express that same sense of the unknown in a way that isn't scary. If something is actually unknown and the truth behind it really could be anything, wouldn't caring about that truth always make it a little scary?

I feel like the horror genre has a lot of potential for storytelling that's often overlooked. It's a genre that often deals with the unknown, something that's both scary and intriguing. There are a lot of really interesting works like Serial Experiments Lain and House of Leaves that are often classified as horror, not so much because it's got scary monsters jumping out at you, but because of the way they selectively hide and show information.


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Well I'm glad I got my order in for the Barbie Glamtastic Texter before they sold out.

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I really like it when there's an album or song that can make you feel like you're in a different world just by singing about normal everyday things. It lets you see the real world in new ways and to me that's a lot more exciting than the kinds of worlds in science fiction or fantasy.

I might start posting a bit more in Esperanto now that people I know here have started learning it. I hope no one minds. If you want an English translation of any particular post just let me know.

The line between building text-based virtual spaces and dreaming is a lot thinner than I thought it'd be. It keeps feeling like my brain is trying to figure out how to build my dreams out of Scheme code and it feels bizarre. Maybe it's just because I'm working on things right before heading to bed.

I've got an imaginary person starting imaginary conversations in the project I'm working on now. This is turning out to be a lot of fun and I haven't even started on building the library or the theater or the train station yet.

Me: Okay I can finally work on my project.

My brain: Nap! Nap! Nap! Nap! Nap!


The little virtual garden I'm building is now growing imaginary plants. Very exciting. Tomorrow I might add some people and then I'm moving on to building an imaginary library.

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