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I made a new little website / gemini capsule:

It's kind of like a non-interactive text adventure set in a small town. Every day it randomly generates changes to the town, so check back every once in a while to find new things. It's isn't super big right now, but I hope to add more places/things/people over time.

(feel free to boost)

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I finally got around to finding a new home for my dream journal: @montagsdreams

There are no new dreams there yet, but hopefully I'll have a few in the next couple days that I can actually remember.

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I just launched a new art project in the form of a Mastodon bot that will slowly tell a story over the course of three weeks by posting a drawing every day. You can follow it at @dailystory

The bot post the first image on Monday April 12 and post a new image everyday at 6 pm UTC (as long as nothing breaks).

I hope you all enjoy it.

I've decided to move over to @montag so I can be on the same instance as a lot of my friends.

This account will stay open and I'll still get notifications for it, but my new posts will be at the new account, so go follow me over there!

I'm always really impressed when people are able to introduce themselves and tell people things about themselves. I never really figured out how to do that. I just never really know what to say.

advice for new users, birds 

I know this is watercolor 101 stuff, but I think it's important to explore things on my own so I can develop my own workflows and make sure it all fits together with the other stuff I'm planning for this project. Plus it's fun.

One cool watercolor thing I'm figuring out is that it looks nice to mix colors on the paper. It makes a mottled effect that adds some texture and color complexity that I think looks really good.

Slowly learning to trade in fear of drawing things wrong for excitement for all the things I can draw. It's pretty tough to do, but it's a wonderful feeling when it's working.

Just want to clear up some confusion and let everyone know that @TheGibson is not a fed. His role as a Cyber Agent in the Netwar of 2068 was for an independent contractor only loosely connected the United Internetional Goverweb and was mostly only of an advisory nature anyway. Don't listen to any rumors trying to connect him to telluric current hacks during the October electro-skirmishes.

big deep-sea bugs 

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I feel like when I think about animation a sizable amount of my thoughts are just "I should rewatch [insert Ghibli movie here]".

Maybe I need to branch out a bit and give some other studios a chance at my attention...

Hand-drawn animation tip: Pigma Micron pens will smear on plastic, Ultra Fine Point Sharpies don't. (You can still use Pigma Microns to ink cels, you just have to make sure to never touch your lines with your fingers)

I really need to get one of those light pad things people use for tracing. Using the flashlight on my phone isn't really cutting it.

Kiki's Delivery Service is such a pretty movie.

Learning about ocean waves. Apparently waves hit the shore less frequently when the wind is stronger. I didn't now that, I think that's interesting.

Sometimes I think I should just read fan works of things rather than the original work itself. I'll probably have no idea what's going on, but that's an important part of the experience.

I wish I knew cool people that lived near me. All the people I know in town are kind of awful.

Sometimes I think lights in my room are flickering and then I realize that my lights are turned off and it's really just a passing car or something reflecting sunlight onto my ceiling.

Researching this it's really interesting to see how different artists view the ocean differently. In "Lu Over the Wall" the water is green and translucent like old wavy glass. In "Ponyo" it's a deep blue and it either has a calm gradient that reminds me of a Japanese print or it's literally coming to life and grasping at the shore with thick and clumsy fingers.

I was trying to look up screenshots from Studio Ghibli movies but a lot the results are the same promotional art over and over or fan art, which is nice but not what I'm looking for. Then I remembered they have this page with a bunch of them:

For my big animation project I'm going to have to learn how to animate ocean waves, which definitely seems like it'll be a challenge. Luckily I can probably just loop a couple frames and get a convincing effect, but those few frames will be tricky.

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