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In the past couple of months I have been using Replicant on a Galaxy S II phone as my daily driver and I'm impressed that it is actually usable. The best part: It comes with @fdroidorg as a system app by default so you don't need to manually update your apps all the time 😀

The only drawback with S2 was its incredibly small battery. So today I freed up my new smartphone with a faster SoC and a battery two times as big: Galaxy Note II 😀

I woke up to the drama about in the fediverse.

As I said before in [1], while I think removing local and federated timelines from their fork of is a weird (but bold) decision, I think disabling reports is outright problematic for the rest of us in the fediverse.

Now I am glad to see this move 😀. I hope @purism continues to innovate and at the same time, continues to consider feedback from the community.


Eight months ago I switched from Ubuntu to Manjaro-i3 on my main laptop because:

1. I really don't need a full blown DE. Even most of my time in Ubuntu 16.04, I was using i3.

2. I am interested in latest packages. So point release is getting outdated too fast.

3. Most importantly, because Ubuntu switched to Gnome 3.

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea behind LibremOne from @purism. We, the decentralized internet advocates, are quite far with the tech. What we desperately need is a touch of marketing, bundling, and consumer-friendliness. is doing exactly that. Bravo, and I hope them the very best of success.

I just finished Walkaway from Cory Doctorow, and it was great 😀

This is how I'd like to read my books in 2019: on paper, on any mobile app, and on any number of devices that I want. Say no to !

Even 5 years ago when I first started playing with , I was amazed by its polish and seamless functionality. By creating a single account on the box, you immediately get access to a personal blog, wiki, chat account, feed reader, VPN, and much more.

It is not perfect I know, but it has a solid offering across a broad range of applications that I haven't seen anywhere else.

If you look for a polished and capable personal home server, I highly recommend FreedomBox.

I wish @freedomboxfndn a lot of luck and success. Keep up the great work, please!


@olimex is selling the first commercially available FreedomBox. In other words, they are selling the ability to democratize the internet. #BeAPioneer and buy a #FreedomBox today.


Say hi to #nextcloud 16 🤗

New & better:
🧮Machine learning protects logins
🔎Smart recommendations
🔑ACLs in Group Folders
📝Projects to relate info across apps
🗣️Talk 6 with Commands
🛡️Privacy Center to keep you in control
✅much more!

Share the news!

Habe mit über die unendlichen Vorteile Freier Software für die öffentliche Verwaltung gesprochen. Mit dabei ist auch Fazit: Es ist ein Rätsel, warum das nicht längst Standard ist: #FreierCode #Publiccode

And you thought translating *digits* would be the easiest algorithmic part of what online translators do. Well...

Today is the 50th anniversary of RFC-1, which in a sense means that programmers have now been chatting and arguing about the internet for 50 years.

honest question, Germany 

For people who are looking for a sign for tomorrow's demonstration, here is what I made, under CC0. If you can find a printer by tomorrow noon, feel free to print and take it with you.

SVG (you can edit it in Inkscape):!5IlGnCiY!7YQIcACLqwA
PDF (A3-sized):!wA80nSAT!yh0JhT1f5w-

@dansup This sound great, and I really feel like we need a blog writing "this week in the fediverse" posts, so we can get a bit more info, links, etc :)

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