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Masoud Abkenar @masoud

In the Munich airport, I asked the attendants at the full-body scanner if I could avoid the scanner and do a manual check. They accepted immediately without any hesitation and performed a good old-fashioned body check. The guy asked me why don't I trust the full body scanner, and I said I don't know where will the data end up (thanks to @mk). He nodded while saying that he himself cannot give a definitive answer to this question. Overall, I'm very happy that I tried :)

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@masoud Wow, good for you! I wish I'd thought of that when came back from Helsinki (they were bit nasty at the airport, probably because I was wearing a long dress) but I was too intimidated to be smart.

@masoud @mk I'll try that next time, thanks for the hint! I get a pat-down pretty much every time anyways, so I might as well skip the scanner.

@masoud if only the TSA followed the same principle in the same decent manner...

@masoud @mk just take one of the lanes without the full body scanners. I always do that on my monthly trip to the office