Testing 's new interface (and stylesheet in general) thanks to the fast update of by @milan

Folks, this is really good! Thank you @Gargron for the perfect RTL implementation.

@masoud @milan @Gargron awesome does that work with the others RTL languages?

@r00tobo @milan @Gargron Right now the interface is translated into and , and both work pretty well. I hope others come soon: and whatever else that I don't know

@milan @Gargron @masoud gotta ask: might that Latin username at the top right being shown as "masoud@" confuse users?

@usr_local_share @milan @Gargron Hmmm... maybe. IIRC non-ASCII characters are forbidden in usernames, so it's not a bad idea to force that part of the interface to always render as LTR. Good catch! Someone needs to file a bug for it. Thanks!

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