A few weeks ago I posted here that the blogging platform @PlumeDev had some of its right-to-left (RTL) rendering issues fixed by @ahangarha. I myself had also fixed many little CSS issues related to for @Mastodon in the past.

Well, expect such kinds of things to happen less often in the future, since has mass-blocked many accounts of Iranians* at various levels; This applies not only to Iranian residents, but also sometimes to Iranians living abroad.

* And not only for , but also for , , , and .


@adfeno @masoud @Mastodon migration from git to savannah is not that easy. Maybe for one single project it be doable but not for working with the community who is using git as vcs


@ahangarha @adfeno @Mastodon
Savannah is just the service. A far as I know it supports git, svn, bzr, and some other version control systems.

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