hides when you search for it in the start menu entries, while it easily brings up Office if you search .

@masoud I don't see anything abnormal here. A private company selling an operating system that favour it's own office suite and try to limit access to concurrent suite. The same method than past decades.

@masoud and? Fill any cases you want. You will wait for years for these to be judged and more to be effective. You cannot expect them to be smart. This is a pure capitalistic company. The only way is to stop using their products. All of them. First choose another OS.

I agree with you, and that's why I am exclusively using GNU/Linux for more than a decade now, and I cannot be happier about this choice. The screen capture above is not from my own computer.

@masoud Funny, I just noticed that Win10 started doing that to SpeedCrunch for me. I "fixed" it by creating a shortcut to SpeedCrunch on my desktop (I don't use shortcuts that often, resorting most often to search via start button/key)...and lo and behold, SpeedCrunch started appearing again in search as before. I'm sure it's just a bug pushed out via a recent update from Microsoft, but it is strangely suspicious. 😉 I hope this helps you!
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