A few weeks ago I posted here that the blogging platform @PlumeDev had some of its right-to-left (RTL) rendering issues fixed by @ahangarha. I myself had also fixed many little CSS issues related to for @Mastodon in the past.

Well, expect such kinds of things to happen less often in the future, since has mass-blocked many accounts of Iranians* at various levels; This applies not only to Iranian residents, but also sometimes to Iranians living abroad.

* And not only for , but also for , , , and .

@masoud @PlumeDev @Mastodon though my account is not closed but I myself try to avoid proprietary platform for contributing #FreeSoftware projects.
I try to motivate others to do the same

I believe the solution is to have federated git services (letting fork repo, open issue and send PR/MR independent of where your account is made. Some are working on #forgrfed project for the same goal @forgefed

@ahangarha the good part is that #git itself is decentralised. Only some of the services people have later built around it aren't.

If anything, #GitLab is a better option that way, since you can at least export your data and move it to your own server or to a different instance

@masoud @PlumeDev @Mastodon @forgefed

@ahangarha @masoud @PlumeDev @Mastodon @forgefed

Lets just go distributed right away, not only decentralized!

Also, please don't forget that you can git-send-email patches even if a project is hosted on #github ! I would even say _do so_ so that people get aware that there is a community outside of github! Even if they cannot apply the patches because they lack the skills (every maintainer of a bigger project should be able to git-am IMO), it makes them aware!


Agreed, the application of these software export regulations is ridiculous. (Well, the past 70 years of US policy on Iran is criminal.)

PayPal suspended BPAL for a fragrance name containing "Persian". They were reinstated.

I had a payment declined for a letterpress edition of a poem by Abu Amir al-Fadl (who has been dead for centuries!) because of the poet's name.

@emma @masoud oh wow. I've already applied the word "ridiculous" so many times, we should probably invent a stronger edition

@masoud @PlumeDev

So, when is the fediverse code hosting/collaboration platform coming?

@UnclearFuture @masoud @PlumeDev there was some talk of #GitLab federating eventually, but not sure how real that is

@adfeno @masoud @Mastodon migration from git to savannah is not that easy. Maybe for one single project it be doable but not for working with the community who is using git as vcs

@ahangarha @adfeno @Mastodon
Savannah is just the service. A far as I know it supports git, svn, bzr, and some other version control systems.

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