The more I think about it, the more I like the idea behind LibremOne from @purism. We, the decentralized internet advocates, are quite far with the tech. What we desperately need is a touch of marketing, bundling, and consumer-friendliness. is doing exactly that. Bravo, and I hope them the very best of success.

Hmmmm... Thanks for pointing this out. I find everything in the post absolutely alright, except that I'm not sure removing timelines is a good idea (though I can relate to the motivation behind this decision).

@jameshjacksonjr Personally, I'd consider current Mastodon timelines (both in the "Web" app and in Tusky etc.) already "opt-in": You have to explicitly click to see the local or federated timelines. By default, you only see your "Home" column (only post from those you explicitly follow), exactly how it should be and what @todd is saying.

@jameshjacksonjr @todd
To me, looking at timelines is equivalent to visiting a local pub to meet new people. You might stumble upon people you don't like, but that's the only way you get to know new people and experience new worlds.

@masoud yeah same here I feel those who don't want em don't have to click as u said hence the already opt in

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