Do you use any RSS feed aggregator? :RSS:
Which one?


@jorge Since I already have a server for many other purposes, I use a Nextcloud app called News:

@tootbrute Thanks a lot! #yonohost sounds cool! Do you have a dedicated device or do you run it on virtual box?

@vidyasagar i have a dedicated machine.

before trying yunohost, i used to run pihole in docker on ubuntu. it was a bit tricky to get setup. i tried adding searx and it didn't work. so instead of trying to trouble shoot searx, i found yunohost.

now have searx, nextcloud, and pihole running and can control them from a central web interface. saved me so much frustration.

@vidyasagar @jorge Get a GNU/Linux server (preferably running Ubuntu 18.04) and type: sudo snap install nextcloud
Literally you can then open your browser and type in the IP address (or domain) of your server and set up the admin account and start using it.

@masoud @jorge Nice! Thanks! Do you have a home server? Or bought server space?

I also use News. Amazing rss feed reader.
Some feeds you can recommend?

@marknj This is a weird question :thinking_ie:​ Almost every website on the Internet has a feed. Look which websites are YOU interested in, and follow THEM. My interests are different than yours. For a start, follow Mastodon's official blog: ttps://

Was just interested in your tech news sources. No need to share if you don't want to.

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