My colleagues made a fun “spoof” video about #IoTSecurity (and the lack thereof) - Enjoy!

#BlackFriday sales mean that cheap and handy connected devices are everywhere! But, there are some hidden costs! Get to know them and stay secure. #ConnectSmart

I just became a monthly patron of @fosstodon

If you like Mastodon and want to see it succeed and replace Twitter, you need to support your instance too.

By helping pay for the hosting and maintenance of your instance you will not only make sure it can keep running, but you also give the admins a reason to ensure that it's run and moderated to your liking.

If you're an instance admin, let people know how to support you.

@kev @switchingsocial

I am so sick of these Gnome shell bugs.

What is the point of having multiple work-spaces and a tiling extension, if I have to put everything back in the right place by hand every time the screen lock activates?

I miss Unity.

Share the news! We've made available version 2.5 of the #Nextcloud Desktop Client with many improvements, from End-to-end #Encryption and a new login flow to many UI improvements. Get it now!

This alone is enough reason for me to choose over / when using browser sync.

TL;DR: Chrome sync server has access to all your browsing data, Firefox sync server has not.

⚡ 🐦 Just posted about reading #blogs using #Mozilla #Thunderbird:

Retake control of your online blog reading experience by relying on a Desktop app instead of a SaaS. No mining, no accounts, no ads, no algorithmic timelines...

Y’know, I don’t say this enough (heck, I don’t think I’ve ever said it) but thank you to those of you lovely, caring, and wonderful people on the fediverse for being there and for being you. It’s an inexplicable joy just to watch you folks being kind to each other, taking care of each other, and sharing your everyday experiences with empathy and love.

You know who you are.

Keep being awesome!

And thank you!


How the people of #Iran 🇮🇷 are different from the Iranian #regime.

(#Video from Razi #University of Kermanshah. Students REFUSE to trample the US flag 🇺🇸.
More pictures: )

I read this today and it was good, and important!

There is no Free Software company - But!

...We concluded that good action remains good action, and that the FSFE should encourage good actions. So instead of focusing on the company as such we should focus on the activity itself; we should think about "Free Software business activities", "Free Software business offers", and such...

Following a link from Hackernews, I stumbled upon this poll in CNBC website. I was really interested to see the results, but the site says I must vote before it shows the results to me. And I'm just stuck, having no idea what to do 😶​

The latest episode of (an original from ) talks about something that I guess relate to many people here: How to make (or accept) the very first contribution to a free software project. While it is very thin on technical details (and understandably so) it does a good job of describing the situation from both perspectives, i.e., the first-time contributor and the maintainer.

Micro-action my friend in Canada did. She would be happy if you copied it :)

A win for #privacy! Now make your voice heard so that all countries follow the Danish example:

Weird. I had just figured out how to fix an rendering issue (related to <bdi>) in by testing it on a local HTML file. But the moment I started making a pull request upstream, the issue is gone and I cannot reproduce it no matter what I try.

I wonder if I had just dreamed about the issue.

But hey, it is fixed now! (Or never existed in the first place? 🤔​)

@masoud Friendica just implemented #activitypub and the instances are just starting to update to the version that has it in beta...

Does protocol support concept of groups (communities), pages, and events?

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