For people who are looking for a sign for tomorrow's demonstration, here is what I made, under CC0. If you can find a printer by tomorrow noon, feel free to print and take it with you.

SVG (you can edit it in Inkscape):!5IlGnCiY!7YQIcACLqwA
PDF (A3-sized):!wA80nSAT!yh0JhT1f5w-

@dansup This sound great, and I really feel like we need a blog writing "this week in the fediverse" posts, so we can get a bit more info, links, etc :)

If you can vote in the next EU parliment elections, please spend half an hour of your life and do this☝, now. Tell your EU representatives that you will not re-elect them if they vote for Article 13 of the EU Copyright reform.

Since you did it recently, is there any concrete advice you can give me, @jwildeboer ?

I am going to set up my very own server this time, serving on my own domain. The initial plan is to use on a VPS. Your suggestions for software stack and VPS providers are very welcome.

Just finished sending emails to all 50 German MEPs who did not reject in the last round.

I drafted a completely new message based on my views. Nevertheless, the buttons at the end of this page made it really easy to find and enter email addresses:

If you can vote in the next EU elections, please join me and do the same. !

To all Europeans! Please make it clear to your EU representatives and politicians. If you don't, we are all going to regret it.

More info:

This sign was supposed to show the name of a train station on my way to work.

Finally! After all those years of using VLC illegally, I have now obtained an official license! \o/ #FOSDEM

"Reprioritize your time for developing free software."

Take-home message from the great keynote by @conservancy 's Karen Sandler and Bradley Kuhn at .

Waiting for the first keynote by Karen Sandler and Bradly Kuhn :)

Technically speaking, now that I am going a bit earlier back to home from work, means I am on my to . Yaaayyyy! 😄​

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