What are some examples of projects whose development is *mostly* funded through or ? Mastodon comes to mind of course. What else?

I need more examples for an article I am writing about free software.

Today I had the best Kabab Torsh (sauer Kebab) I've ever had in my life. The best part: It was made by myself 😄​😋​

Just booked my flight to , and I feel happy and excited about it as always! My first FOSDEM was on 2017, and I am hooked since then :)

This is a crucial moment for those in the EU to stop #Article13 and #Article11—votes in the coming weeks will determine whether huge swaths of online expression will be subject to mass, arbitrary control.

Here's what you can do today to help: eff.org/deeplinks/2019/01/inte

My driver and tour leader today was a lady who was wearing (a veil covering the face). I had never had any contact with someone wearing niqab, and I was quite curious, to be honest. Turned out she was a very competent driver and tour leader. Sitting on the left seat is the said woman. On the right is my wife taking photos from the road. (The other image is just a stock photo to give you a clue how niqab looks like.)

I hope you're planning to join us for Copyleft Conf, the day after #FOSDEM -- we're really to share best practices, learn from each other and discuss what the future might hold. Registration opens in a week. 2019.copyleftconf.org/

As we've had a nice surprise Xmas present with @pixelfed starting to federate today, here's a new section on switching.social which explains what PixelFed is in non-technical terms:


If you know someone who is thinking about dumping Instagram and looking for alternatives, try sending them this link 👍


I just made little improvements on @Tusky app to make its Persian translation and RTL layout better.

Going to improve Mastalab @tom79 RTL layout 🏃‍♂️

Oh great. Becuase of their unilateral against , is pressuring to shut down the only direct flight between where I live and where my parents live. When does this horror story come to an end? 😡​

Because of US sanctions people with connections to certain countries get banned from #Slack. What should you do as a company to avoid that parts of your team loses access to your #communication #platform? Don't relay on centralized services! Get back in control with #Nextcloud Talk nextcloud.com/talk

Our discussion today about at was great! Interestingly, not many people had heard of Nextcloud. But I think I succeeded passing the enthusiasm to the audience :)

I will give a talk today at in one of their monthly events in , . I am going to introduce @nextcloud and discuss its applications for private and business users. Wish me luck 😁​

I was expecting, once again, for a core app to actually work. Naive me! With that shiny design™ look, who the hell needs functionality? 🤨​

OK , I understand that you are a company and are afraid to do ANY business with . But as a paying customer of , can't I even CHECK my email when I travel to Iran?

I'm fed up. Let's try , , @Tutanota, or .

So hey, is anyone starting any art-specific servers? The "I am an artist" category on joinmastodon.org only lists 2 that are actually themed around art (one if you discount photography), and mastodon.art is invite-only so there is definitely a need here

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