When the Martians landed, they waited for a crowd to gather, which they would kill as an example.
The plan failed. No crowd appeared.
Scouts were sent; one found a dog walker.
"Keep a distance," he called, "there's a deadly virus! Stay home, stay safe!"
The Martians left at once.
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A space ship landed. A group of aliens emerged, and sought out the nearest intelligent being. "Take us to your leader," they said.
The dragon grinned. "Why don't you take me to yours?"
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Copyright must be abolished. The fact that anything created today will never enter the public domain within any of our livetimes proves that the system has failed. We have an obligation to exercise civil disobedience to protest the broken system. I will shed no tears for billionares caught up in the flack. They never shed a tear for the tens of thousands of people they screwed with expensive lawsuits, nor the billions they screwed out of their rightful inheritance of the collective works of humanity.

It's your obligation as a good citizen to pirate shit.

A thought I had at a news chatroom earlier:

is reaching levels of weird shit going on. The SCROTUS even went on how to inject cleaning products right to the veins in the most Quentin Trembley Ⅲ style possible.

(Let's just hope the orange clown is just as removed from history as Quentin was)

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Script en #Bash para ver una tira aleatoria de xkcd en tu terminal


Hoy comparto con vosotros un script que he realizado para ver en nuestra terminal una tira aleatoria del comic #xkcd en nuestra terminal

"This is a bad timeline, it really sucks that-"
"Not all timelines are bad!"
"No, but right now I'm talking about-"
"And you're only complaining, not giving any suggestions for how this timeline could be improved!"
"Unfortunately, all my current ideas are illegal."
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Me before quarantine: "I should avoid coffee"

Me during quarantine: "...What if I can't buy more coffee?"

Situation here in Chile is more or less controlled and I'm actually half expecting that the quarantine could be stretched for longer.

Gives me more time to nap.

"The difference between technology and magic is that technology works regardless of whether you believe in it or not."
"So computers are magic?"
"Computers are magic."
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"Do not let them make you into a god," the old cat said.
"Why not?" asked the kitten. "Am I not worth it?"
"If you accept you are their god, you accept the duties, not just the privileges."
"If you don't accept both, you let them make you into a demon. Are you worth that?"
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The knight rode up to the tower.
A dragon looked out of a window, high up.
The knight held up a basket.
"Your food delivery."
"You're a hero! Please leave it by the door."
The knight did so, saluted, and rode off, leaving the dragon in isolation.
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I stare into the void. It is black, unfathomable.
I wait.
Eventually, I hear it. A warm, comforting rumble, the sound of a universe working, yet at peace.
My gaze widens, my view opens, the void shrinks, and I find myself looking at my cat, asleep, softly purring.
I am comforted.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Apps that say they work on 'any device, anywhere' but don't have a Linux build...

Confinement teaches us the real scale of the world. That we can do lots from a chair, including damage.

And it teaches us of the people who have already done such great damage.

Mandate #OpenAccess #OpenScience #OpenKnowledge now! #FreeCulture #LibreContent #COVID19

The current race to find a vaccine for COVID-19 exemplifies why rapid and unrestricted access to scientific research and educational materials is vital in the most open terms possible.


Viernes 13.

Como el Martes 13 pero más descansado.

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