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Moved in to the new apartment 2 days ago anyway, and I love it!

Potable water, working shower, dishwasher, an oven, and a fucking stove that works. It's fucking heaven.

I'm terrible at this whole social-networking-microblogging-hocus-pocus.

@meskarune Aaw, that sucks. I really hope the apartment we're viewing on Wednesday will get a lot of sunlight.

I don't know about over there, but here it's pretty easy to get basic LED grow lights pretty cheaply, and they use almost no electricity. They're not the best of grow lights of course, but they're more than sufficient for most things.

@meskarune If you have some spare room I would definitely recommend getting a bunch of different types of seeds and growing your own. 😃

@meskarune Kumatoes literally *are* tomatoes, just a very specific patented cultivar. There are sooo many nice tomato cultivars, and we've started getting a lot more interesting ones sold in grocery stores over here.

Sadly we don't have room to grow tomatoes ourselves anymore, but should be able to once we move, so yay.

Oh, and I was offered one of the new apartments earlier today, going for a viewing and contract signing on Wednesday, wooh!

I just remembered that I got a Strawberry Swirled Topped Ben & Jerry's earlier today. Evening just got even better.

Ugh, I'm way too tired and cold to go to the store. But I probably shouldn't skip dinner today, hm.

@kepstin One annoyance with nginx is that you need to pay for plus for anything other than round-robin, not to mention health checks. And NGINX Plus is too expensive for a lot of smaller to medium sized companies.

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Stranger Things S2E9 

Apartment people said they hoped they'd be able to let me know if I'd be offered an apartment this week, and still haven't heard anything from them, which brainparts assume I'm not going to be offered one, and now I'm depressed again. Yay.

@achilleas oh wait, I totally misread, nevermind! Have a nice weekend!

@achilleas I was on the bus to work when I wrote it, but been half watching talks all day, and forgot about time. :P

Ugh, stayed up way too late playing Cities: Skylines, and ended up getting way too little sleep. Not sure if I'll be able to make it through the day like this.

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