I think the biggest disadvantage of Mastodon that I've found is that it's *much* harder to find new interesting content since you're limited to searching by a single hashtag, and even that ends up being quite limited depending on the instance...

I've considered trying to set up a separate account on a couple different instances just to see the view of any particular hashtag from multiple instances that seem to be fairly "disconnected".

Though I'm also probably going to end up running my instance just to play around with things.

@kyrias That's what it seems to be, join an instance with similarities that you're interested in, see your "local", profit. Would be nice to be on multiples under one "account" I think, though.

@halfwit Yeah, having a single logical account be associated with multiple subject-specific instances would be a cool feature.

I chose aleph.land in the first place only because I liked the domain name, heh.

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