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Moved in to the new apartment 2 days ago anyway, and I love it!

Potable water, working shower, dishwasher, an oven, and a fucking stove that works. It's fucking heaven.

I'm terrible at this whole social-networking-microblogging-hocus-pocus.

Oh, and I was offered one of the new apartments earlier today, going for a viewing and contract signing on Wednesday, wooh!

I just remembered that I got a Strawberry Swirled Topped Ben & Jerry's earlier today. Evening just got even better.

Ugh, I'm way too tired and cold to go to the store. But I probably shouldn't skip dinner today, hm.

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Stranger Things S2E9 

Apartment people said they hoped they'd be able to let me know if I'd be offered an apartment this week, and still haven't heard anything from them, which brainparts assume I'm not going to be offered one, and now I'm depressed again. Yay.

Ugh, stayed up way too late playing Cities: Skylines, and ended up getting way too little sleep. Not sure if I'll be able to make it through the day like this.

Salmon is certainly an "interesting" name for a protocol. (<>)

Though I think the biggest initial problem I have with reading about it is that since salmon does not have a distinct plural, it sometimes takes me a second to parse the sentences properly.

It does seem like an interesting idea at least!

Just found <> which runs a modified Mastodon version that does full-text search, and has a bot that follows lots of people to try to give users as big of a view of the fediverse as possible.

Interesting sounding instance, though I'm not expecting to move there, at least not anytime soon.

I've considered trying to set up a separate account on a couple different instances just to see the view of any particular hashtag from multiple instances that seem to be fairly "disconnected".

Though I'm also probably going to end up running my instance just to play around with things.

I think the biggest disadvantage of Mastodon that I've found is that it's *much* harder to find new interesting content since you're limited to searching by a single hashtag, and even that ends up being quite limited depending on the instance...

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In the prehistoric era, humans gradually spread across the earth as generation after generation of people ran away from their problems

Oh, and I really like Penny Dreadful as well, but I'm sort of pissed that in Sweden doesn't let you turn of the subtitles for it. At the very least let me choose English subtitles in that case. Why force me to see subtitles in a different language than the audio track, that just ends up being distracting as it moves around at the bottom of the screen...

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