Microsoft outlook : ou comment corrompre les étudiant avec les putains d'emails étudiants

I was about to do a great joke with the debian logo on my laptop, but unfortunately we can't mirror stickers irl

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If theres enough people wanting to join in, I would edit a "fedi sings". All I'd need is some suggestions as to which song might fit well and at least 5-10 participants willing to send me in their vocals for it.

2hu illustrations with male characters should be illegal

So I created a folder called ~ and now I'm afraid of running rm -rf "~"

@Madeorsk même pas gueulé, juste expliqué et ils ont accepté ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Je pense qu'ils doivent se rendre compte que c'est le bordel vu que j'ai vu sur des forum que des gens qui passent juste pas loin de la frontière entre France et Suisse se prennent parfois des centaines d'euros de hors forfait...

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I was at the bar last night and at one point of the evening I decided to buy a drink for everyone at that place. the bartender tried to stop me but I insisted. it cost me 221€.
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