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Microsoft outlook : ou comment corrompre les étudiant avec les putains d'emails étudiants

I was about to do a great joke with the debian logo on my laptop, but unfortunately we can't mirror stickers irl

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If theres enough people wanting to join in, I would edit a "fedi sings". All I'd need is some suggestions as to which song might fit well and at least 5-10 participants willing to send me in their vocals for it.

2hu illustrations with male characters should be illegal

So I created a folder called ~ and now I'm afraid of running rm -rf "~"

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I was at the bar last night and at one point of the evening I decided to buy a drink for everyone at that place. the bartender tried to stop me but I insisted. it cost me 221€.

I forgot my anime hard drive for my vacations and now I wanna die

> Everyone: your code should be easily readable so that you can work on it even after multiple months

> me: fuck you future me

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Maybe the saddest part of leaving highschool is that your friends don't interrupt a class to give you yaoi hentai in front of everyone for your birthday anymore in college

Oho, je m'excuse déjà à la personne qui va tomber sur moi au support téléphonique.

(J'ai du consommer 10mo pas plus, et encore c'est très large)

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