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ok I couldn't find it so I just remade it lol

happy valentine's day, fedi


I spent too much time reading Hervé This' blog and now I want to buy all the food-grade olfactory compounds I can to make note by note food tasting like mushrooms, roquefort and maple syrup. But I can only find bottles of 1 kg when I need three drops of them.

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This whole living thing is very bothersome indeed

philosophy rant 

I really wish rationality was taught in school. It's only in my twenties that I realized that the point of having a realistic map of the world was to be able to better achieve your goals (I am not saying that in an individualistic way, goals can be altruistic). I had completely neglected instrumental rationality because it wasn't fun, but also because I didn't know it was a thing.

A good introduction, for those who don't dislike the writing style, is Eliezer Yudkowsky's sequences:

rant about psychology/rationality/argumentation 

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my prof just showed us how a corollary of the stone-weierstraß theorem is that real valued continuous functions on some interval are separable (has some countable but dense subset) and my mind is completely blown

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TIL: if you use “share my location with this site” in Firefox, your location is shared with that site and Google:

re: brexit 


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I assume there is no trick, I just need to do it and go through the annoying phase. Hopefully it's not too long. Also it doesn't help that the letter on the right of 'L' is 'Ö' on my keyboard.

Does anyone have a trick to learn how to type? I was never taught (the most basic computer education I had in school was word/excel classes made by teachers who thought free software was exactly the same thing as freeware), so I ended up using two fingers and now every time I try to learn properly it is very difficult because I become ten times slower and the finger position is very (mentally) uncomfortable.

Finally meditated today after stopping for like a month. I hope it's going to get somewhere, for now it's just relaxing.

I should also finish The Mind Illuminated, I just read 10 pages of it and stopped. I used to read novels in two days when I was a teen, but now I am only interested in non-fiction and it takes me at least two months to read a book. Same for audiobooks, but at least I can listen while commuting or walking.

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I'm looking for laptop suggestions if anybody has any.

Money isn't as much of a problem as it is usually (but ofc i don't want to waste it on something silly).

I think I want to get a good laptop which will last me through the rest of college.

The main qualities I'm looking for are:
* works with *nix/free software without much difficulties (proprietary blobs are ok as long as they're not anything like nvidia)
* has a good screen (I have a 1080p screen on my current laptop and love it)

Bonus points: easily repairable hardware would be amazing, but i don't really mind.

(boosts ok)

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I can't believe I just gave my boyfriend a fursona

I also want to finally make this cashew cheese. Last time it almost worked, it had a nice blue-green fur, and I contaminated it at step 4 of the aging process on . It was gross.

I never used microblogging platforms before. I have been wanting to write a blog for a few years now, so I think I am going to use this place to throw ideas in the void before I forget them. Hopefully the ideas will eventually join together in a well-written text by themselves.

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