Dealing with integer overflows in Fortran code encoding the size of arrays on 32 bits... why doesn't everyone use 64 bits everywhere for that?

This time it should be easy to solve because I don't actually need that much, my actual sizes fit on about 28 bits. But I can't go much higher.

The new book from Magnus Vinding, Suffering-Focused Ethics: defense and implications, is out! I highly recommend it.

You can download a free PDF version on his website:

Also, there happens to be a short quote from me in it :)

I added an archeological site and my residential building to OpenStreetMap! Last time I modified it was ten years ago, I should do it more. I was surprised how easy it was!

Aaaah I missed compiling codes with thousands of compiler warnings like

Warning: Element of assumed-shaped or pointer array passed to array dummy argument ‘a’ at (1)

It looks like some kind of healing magic XD . Is a technique used to burn "poplar fluff".

RIGHT!!! Riot has turned on End-to-End Encryption by default for all private conversations, and Cross-Signing device verification has landed and is live (and 🤞 performant!) 🎉🎉🎉 Huge amounts of work went into this: has the overview.

There were two police helicopters hovering in front of my window for a while?! The last picture is heavily cropped because I don't have a tele lens for that camera, but the 35 is so sharp that it's not a huge problem for displaying on the web.
X-T30 + XF35mmF1.4 R.

Binaural beats: a surprising auditory illusion (if, like me, you held an overly simplistic view of how the brain processed sounds):

I almost decided against posting this when I realized all the search results about it sound like pseudoscientific nonsense, but whatever. I thought that the existence of the illusion was interesting.

A friend's instagram account apparently got hacked, and their username, email and password changed.

Has anyone experienced this before? According to Instagram, the old email account should have received an email about that name/email change, which didn't seem to happen.

I can't make sense of how they managed to hack that account. Any pointers appreciated!

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I strongly recommend having arguments about things you disagree about, and especially double-cruxing them. <> Up until today, this was all just a theoretical recommendation, but… wow does it help.

I think I'm finally starting to see the meaning of “what do you think you know, and how do you think you know it?". I'm probably right about this thing I'm arguing about, but my reasons for believing it right now are stupid (and are the same reason I didn't believe it earlier).

Did you know there's a paper where they spent 3 weeks training a neural net to transform giraffes into birds?

new blog post

Nooo I wanted to see this in person!
They are installing a new bridge in the middle of Stockholm that came in one piece from China.

Hi. I've been working in teledildonics and sex tech for the past 16 years.


Seriously. Not a joke.

Many of you are bored or scared or both. So, if you're curious about remote intimacy, I'm happy to answer questions, in this thread or in DM.

Try to vote for the least voted number !

Tentez de voter pour le numéro ayant le moins de vote !

Boost appreciated. Retoot appréciés.

Things Covid has proven:

1. The job you were told couldn't be done remotely can be done remotely

2. Many disabled workers could have been working from home, but corporations just didn't want them to.

3. Internet is a utility, not a luxury.

4. Universal healthcare is a necessity.

Puisque le président de la République a vanté la recherche et les scientifiques dans son allocution, je vous partage cette tribune.

Il s'agit d'un virologue du #CNRS qui a participé aux recherches sur les #coronavirus après l'émergence du SARS. Et dont les financements ont cessé une fois la panique passée.

I forgot to precise that tests on 64 cores work fine... If you compile for fewer ranks each rank is allocated more memory and the bug doesn't show up.

Update: since it's Fortran 77 there is no dynamic allocation, you have to recompile depending on the size of the simulation.

My mesh has about 50000 elements. I compile for 80000 and queue on the supercomputer with 1024 cores. It segfaults at the first iteration.

After some trial and error, I wonder if there was some memory error somewhere decide to recompile for 200000 elements.

It runs fine.

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