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Fun way to find random documents. Go to Google search, and search for

filetype:pdf the

Feel free to replace the word "the" with any other innocuous word. You'll get a bunch of random PDFs.

Another fun constraint:

filetype:pdf site:org the

This will return PDFs by ".org" domains (mostly nonprofits) so you get a bunch of random reports.

Also try

filetype:pdf "internal use only"

I'm going to stop buying . It's hard to eat, messy, tastes exactly the same as any other pasta, and you're supposed to feel ashamed for making it easier to eat by cutting it. There is no upside.

I wanted to buy an album online, and the flac version was available is several European countries, but not Sweden… I contacted the customer service who confirmed that they were not allowed to sell it by the label. I love the absurdity of .

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Mozilla is developping a new version of Firefox for Android, faster, more secured... The new version, in Bêta-test, is avalaible : Firefox Preview. Read more in MOZILLA news at

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By the way, the recipe I am using now:
300 g flour
15 g pea protein (should work with any protein that coagulates with heat)
900 ml soy milk
Some oil (maybe 10 ml?)
Some salt
Something for taste like orange flower water, vanilla, beer, rum, etc.

Cook at high temperature (I use an induction plate at 1.6 kW) in a large flat non-stick pan.

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#XMPP (aka #Jabber) is an easy, widely used free federated chat system.

There are thousands of instances to sign up at, such as and

There are also *lots* of apps.

Maybe the most important thing is that an app supports OMEMO privacy:

Some recommended OMEMO-compatible apps:

Conversations (Android)

Gajim (Win/Linux)

Monal (iOS/Mac)


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I also registered for a small workshop on deep neural networks on GPUs with nVidia offered at my university. I wish I had been more clever a few years ago and studied more computer science. It's not going to compensate for my lack of knowledge but it will surely be valuable!

I was too lazy to take pictures, but I started making nut cheese last week! Three cashew cheeses with penicillium camemberti, and a walnut one with penicillium roqueforti. I really hope it works this time.

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Open letter to fediverse about purism 

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Wow, I am a bit overwhelmed by the current reactions in my timeline about the recent #Firefox disaster.

Yes, it sucks. Yes, this shall not happen. Never. There is no good excuse.

But, hey changing now towards a browser developed by the largest advertiser and tracker on the planet is not the right solution. They already dominate large parts of the web so helping them by leaving the last Browser bastion is not a smart idea!

Jonathan Leighton writes it much better than I could: we must base our ethics on reducing suffering for all sentient beings, and in particular extreme suffering.

In particular, switching from eating beef to chickens, fish or even insects because it helps with climate change is fundamentally speciesist, it's torturing sentient beings because it helps humans.
We need compassion for sentient beings, not for abstract systems that are not themselves sentient.

Sorry for the medium link, but I think this is worth a read.

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Does anyone own a Purism laptop? Are they actually sturdy? How's the battery life?

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thought experiment: a cat is in a box containing decaying nuclear material and poison gas. the box is on some trolley tracks. as the trolley approaches the box, it has all its parts systematically replaced so that no original part remains by the time it strikes the box. inside the trolley is a man receiving instructions on levers to pull in Chinese. do you take the money?

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