Check out lemmy, a promising reddit clone, that's planning to work on ActivityPub/federation!

Here's my first post on the platform:

If there's just one advice I could give my younger self, it'd be to keep a diary, and to do so consistently throughout my life, not just when I feel like it.

> "Like my cat, I often simply do what I want to do." This was the opening sentence of Derek Parfit's philosophical masterpiece, Reasons and Persons.…
> However, there was a problem. Derek did not, in fact, own a cat. [But], the sentence would clearly be better if it was true. To resolve this problem Derek drew up a legal agreement with his sister, who did own a cat, to the effect that he would take legal possession of the cat while she would continue living with it.

What is the point of spambots that write comments such as "fresh funeral extremely viagra 100mg behind combination therefore ambition though"? Is anyone actually spending money on funeral viagra?

letters the english language should use (again):
å: replaces aw where it is pronounced /​ɔ/, strå
æ: replaces ae where it is a diphtong: æsthetic
vowels with trémas (ä, ë, ï, ö, ü, ÿ): denote syllable boundaries where needed: coin vs coïncidence
þ, ð: replace voiceless and voiced th respectively: þree, ðis

I like the apple cinnamon flavouring!
(But avoid banana)

If anyone is around Stockholm next weekend, this year's Nobel laureates in chemistry, physics and economics will hold lectures at Stockholm University:

If you want to practice making accurate predictions, I recommend Metaculus! It's a website that allows you to make predictions, with uncertainty ranges, on questions about the future. You can also propose new questions.

Actually, I even mean antispeciesist: not treating individuals differently based on species membership, but only on morally relevant differences.

Which makes me disagree with a few minor points in the video, like when he talks about "saving the Earth". The Earth is not sentient. It doesn't care what happens to it. Our actions on climate and the environment at large do matter a lot, but only because of the suffering it creates (or sometimes alleviates).

Cosmic Skeptic on why he went vegan for ethical reasons, and why you really should too, if you're not already. He makes a simple and convincing argument from consistency.

When I think back to my school days, it just feels like a huge waste of time.

Sure, we've been taught a ton of things during that time, but imagine how much more you could have learnt with the right support... with someone who would actually listen to _your_ questions, instead of just going through the subject materials? What if someone actually fostered your personal interests and talents?

Of course that wouldn't scale, but with kids being so eager for knowledge, it just feels like lost time.

Personal action to reduce #CO2. What people belief and that’s fact, see here:

"How to read statistics"

Every time a state makes riding motorcycles without a helmet illegal, the number of ER patients seriously injured in motorcycle accidents skyrockets. Every single time.

When you phrase it just right, it makes it sound like it's more dangerous to ride a motorcycle with a helmet than without one.

Of course, the reality is that before those laws, those patients were going to the morgue, not the ER.

I never heard of Siraj Raval before he got involved in scandals, but I'm posting this because the plagiarism is hilarious.

What is the difference between USA and USB? 

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