Hi cycling people :) I installed and maintain a free bicycle repair station on a cycle lane near were we live (rural Denmark).

Am always interested in what cycling service infrastructure is available elsewhere, so if you have something: share it here! :-)

#bicycle #cycling @mastobikes


@Pepijn how often does it get devaststed? Lots of maintenance involved?

@gdr No vandalism ever (yet..?). Otherwise it has been there for a year now and looks as new.

Only maintenance I've done is lubricate the pump seals (prolongs life) and the tools/metal chains (slows corrosion). 'bout five minutes every two months.

I took the pump and tools away between December and February as I figured they wouldn't get any use in that period. Will probably keep doing that as it will massively prolong the life (and takes maybe 15 minutes to do).

@Pepijn sounds manageable, thanks for going into details!

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