How do people even discover new music in the age? I feel really old because im excited to have found a program with decent music on the public radio.

Youtube and Spotify recommendations are shit, not sure how they did it but after 10 years of development in the field of statistics / "AI", these two still cannot even come close to

@gdr so here's what I do:

1. Have friends who are musicians and watch what they're listening to/streaming
2. Have friends who are also friends of musicians and look at what they have bought on Bandcamp
3. listen to random things on Bandcamp
4. watch when someone (here on the fediverse) says something on Bandcamp is something to check out
5. Be involved the demoscene and listen to demoscene compos
6. listen to good radio stations like love a brother radio and bbc6 and branch out from there
7. talk to people about music and get reccomendations from them; a la "oh, you like X, you might like this that I heard the other day"
8. have all those not work and go through my old music collections
9. have that not work and poke people for "something different"

There are days when nothing in those 9 works, but MOSTLY those days are rare.

@Truck thanks for the recommendations! I've had just two friends in all of my lifetime who would sometimes suggest something interesting, and I've lost touch with both of them. For the other people i know, sadly, I've been recommending them music and not the other way. Perhaps social media is the answer for me.

@gdr Well, throw some genres at me or bands or people, and I'll see what I know in that area you might not be familiar with.

@Truck @gdr
listen to random things

It's so sad, that all music services lack this simple get-me-out-of-bubble feature.

@loziniak @gdr This, also.

Seriously, it's how I got back into 'soul music' - which I wasn't really into before. Now I ... it's very, very helpful for 2020. Uplifting...

but I just chose a radio station randomly, and it... turned out to be very much up my alley, not just from the music, but the technology and philosophies behind it.

Random. It just... serendipity is a thing (:

@gdr A few years ago I found—mostly for highres but it can also be used to discover music.

@suruatoel may I ask where you're from so I can set my VPN accordingly? Thank you for your answer btw.

@gdr Oh, I hate these location based restrictions on the web …

Try Germany, that should work.

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