Shared web hosting is a hostile environment, with all kinds of limits and idiocy imposed on the script. I avoid any jobs involving working in such an environment (imagine working without an error log!), which makes me even more impressed with Akeeba Backup. Just take a look at this little wizard trying to sense all kinds of limitations so it can do its job even where it's hardly doable.

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Due to recent events, I read so much wrong things about #Fedilab

- No, Fedilab was a paid app before the gab matter. The goal was to move people to F-Droid (Fedilab got more than 50k active users at this time)

- No, I didn't remove the free version, it was taken down by Google due to donation links.

- Yes, in-app login block is useless. That will never prevent your account to see messages from instances that you don't want to see.

And yes, the app has all tools to build your safe place.

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censorship on google play, fedi meta 

> Let’s say hypothetically that Apple was dumb enough to pull a Guido van Rossum, and declare that Swift 6.0 is backwards-incompatible with Swift 5.0, much in the way that Python 3 is incompatible with Python 2.

Oh shit, just found this poor bee in my window handle

A month without network outage is a month lost at . You'd think they have their shit together given their pricing.

> Running a successful open source project is just Good Will Hunting in reverse, where you start out as a respected genius and end up being a janitor who gets into fights.



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When you got so bad at replying to emails that your client starts sending email with clickbait subjects

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Just tried to run Foliate on the #pinephone, it integrates nicely.

I had never heard from this app before. The catalog feature is very nice.

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We already knew that personalized suggestions tend to create echo chambers, but seeing it in action...

Do you also think that only the videos targeting your political views are reasonable, and the others are all nuts? To me, that's the most disturbing realization.

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