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yesterday i learned a lesson i already knew about proprietary software

i plugged in my old iPad and asked it to download some episodes of Behind the Attraction to watch on the plane

then i put it in my bag and eventually boarded. once we got to 10,000 feet, i pulled out my iPad and was greeted with, "Please go to the App Store to update Disney+"

except, of course, i was in the air on a regional jet with no wireless, and i didn't need that update anyway because i just wanted to watch downloaded episodes!

anyway piracy is in every way better and more ethical than using subscription streaming services

I hear there are people who use this language voluntarily.

I have a account, very rarely used but sometimes needed. Today they notified me I need to log in and update the PGP key for encrypted notifications. After pressing Save, my account was locked and now I need to contact 3 out of 5 randomly selected people from my contact list. I have spoken only to 1 of them in the past 10 years, glad that Zuck tries to keep my old friendships alive 👍

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Python developers will debate for weeks about style guides and whether the line column limit should be 80 or increased to 120.

But nobody bats an eye when a function returns something that can be either one of 8 different types based on random heuristics decided by 10 different libraries.

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piss, the discovery of phosphorus, gross 

Did you know: Giara, the Reddit client for privacy-focused Linux phones, can't be used without logging in to a Reddit account?

The Purism Store issue must have been caused by Waydroid, removing it and rebooting helped.

day 5, continued. Purism Store stopped working. Also, the icon for Dino that I built on day 2 disappeared, ~/.local/share/applications - the location where custom icons are kept - is now empty.

PS, touching photos in the Tootie Mastodon client makes it disappear. I guess it's trying to open the image and crashing?

PS. Do not try to view the Airly map with your , it will hang Firefox as well as the Gnome web browser.

day 5, I tried installing Waydroid today (android app compatibility layer). On the 3rd attempt, it managed to download the images from sourceforge, yay! Then I started it and it froze my phone, so I have pulled the battery out.

After restart, touching the Waydroid icon did not give any visible result on the screen, but there was a lot of "read-only file system" errors, then a couple of kernel stack traces from the etnaviv GPU driver.


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"Our new FaceTime voice isolation noise cancellation is so good, in fact" *camera pans out to show Tim Cook is actually seated on an all-glass toilet in his all-glass office at the spaceship campus, naked from the waist down* "that I've been giving this entire keynote while taking a massive shit and you probably didn't even notice" *glass toilet visibly but inaudibly flushes*

João from support sent me these commands: , Bluetooth works now, although I think I'm running non-free firmware now.

day 4, continued. Bluetooth does not work, at all. What a lovely phone. The GNOME settings panel tells me to plug a bluetooth dongle. hcitool doesn't list any bluetooth devices.

Spoke too soon: the UI is okay but the map tiles are blurry.

Apparently there's alternative packaging for Pure Maps which somehow works around these issues and displays a nice non-blurred window. Ladies and gentlemen and all the rest, meet flatpak.

Oh, it looks like it's Wayland compositor that's zooming the program windows. On PureOS that would be phoc .

It seems to be possible though. I need to read this and play around after work and other duties:

day 4, I think I know why half the programs are blurry. The scale factor in GNOME is set to 200%. When you set it to 100%, the image is crisp clear, but some programs are back to their desktop UI.

Trying to run Pure Maps, a Qt program. If I set QT_SCALE_FACTOR to 1, nothing changes. If I set it to 0.5, to compensate for what GNOME does, everything is tiny but blurry. Which leads me to think that it's GNOME or the phosh window manager doing the stretching.

If only there was some way to disable it on a per-program basis.

day 3. The Gnome Maps program shipped is useless because of how it doesn't fit the screen, also how hard can it be to render OSM tiles at 100% zoom that would not be blurry? Wrote a simple GPS benchmark script querying Geoclue in a loop, the average after about 40 samples is 3.5 seconds per fix. I'm not sure how representative that is of the device's performance - maybe there's a way to subscribe for continuous location updates that's faster, I don't know, first time doing something in Gnome.

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