Can't stop thinking about a new model for community-based development where there's co-ownership between users and maintainers, hybrid coop-style.

Maintainers' buy-in is labor.
Users' buy-in is remuneration for maintainers.

And both get to participate in decision-making.

it's a huge problem right now (open source entitlement) where users expect to participate in decision-making as well as expect a product for free, that works for them, without giving anything of any sort back to those doing the labor.

Worker exploitation, but make it Freedom™️

I shall term this Cooperative Software.

Key traits:
1. Always source-available.
2. Shared code ownership through an entity, or through
3. Users pay for Membership, which lets them use the software and file issues.
4. Maintainer time is *paid* by users.


Sounds like an initiative that @be has been working on the past few weeks!

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