Question: what's the best classic Macintosh programmer's text editor that has multiple undo, and won't hog the memory on an 8mb RAM System 7 or 6 computer?

BBEdit 3 and later are too slow and use too much memory. QUED/M I could only find a demo version of 2.7.2 for, and 3.0 doesn't work in Mini vMac (copy protection shenanigans?)


@cancel I think I used bbedit on the Mac SE circa 1993. probably bbedit lite 2.5. I didn't need to open big files though.

@eqe Yeah, I don’t necessarily need to open big files. I just want multiple undo and not a resource hog. Does 2.5 have multiple undo?

@cancel it's been a loooong time since I used it, sorry :)

@eqe I can’t seem to find it available for download, anyway

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