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Irregular reminder that if you see me interacting with problematic people on here, I'd appreciate a DM heads up.

Lactose tolerance speculation and criticism 

Well, we're moved! An approximately normal number of disasters occurred and I never want to see another moving box as long as I live. I love our new house and neighborhood and the kids seem to be adjusting to midwestern hot summer with a minimum of fuss. We shall see how they react when winter arrives 😂

COVID preprint, requesting help with interpretation 

Hot take we're still in early stage capitalism. It can and will get worse. So much worse.

After the fall of the western empire circa 496, the Roman empire continued on for another 1000 years til Constantinople fell in 1453.

A new world is coming after capitalism, but she won't necessarily be here anytime soon...

" is nonsense to talk about the 'language' of killer whales. Not because it might be an insult to language ...but because it is an insult to killer whales to imply that their means of communication are as limited as ours."

– Charles Foster

[via Emergence Magazine, 2019]

My friend's kid is a 14 year old enby and they asked if knew any "cool cafés" that parents and child could visit in #Amsterdam and #Berlin. Hit me with your family friendly queer cafs, plz.

Spiral Galaxy M74: A Sharper View

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI; Processing Copyright: Robert Eder #APOD

Saw a pickup truck yesterday that I'm pretty sure had a hybrid engine, the branding was like PowerBoost or some shit

That "just squeeze your english muffin" tiktok really did change my life

COVID mitigation measures 

we have made machines with predictive branching, that peak beyond our reality into possible worlds to bend the present to our wills

and we have the hubris to think this wouldn't be a problem?

JWST image 

Shitpost, explaining the joke makes it funnier 

JWST image 

Shitpost, explaining the joke makes it funnier 

Carefully observing the fluid dynamics of cream in my morning coffee to ensure that any resimulation is as computationally expensive as possible

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