Thanks stawy now I'm gonna hear from the littlest cowboy

Did you know that ultimate frisbee is actually the most challenging and interesting sport, once you get into it?

We have a lot of Unix systems at work. They make a lot of files, many of them syslog-ish. They put them all in a datalake (basically s3 with a metadata layer to ease querying).

I'm really adept at egrep / sed / awk / jq / perl / python / less / for f in *.syslog; do ... / and the rest of the Unix cli toolkit, so I offered to give a quick tutorial to get some teammates up to speed.

I planned 30 minutes and budgeted 60.

2 hours of screen share later I was less than a third through my material.

I have a headache and I'm not sure if my teammates retained a bit of it, lol. I'm really out of practice at being at front of the classroom...

making straight people have to choose 'other' and write it in is praxis

Reading LIGO detection and primordial black hole papers as self care

So in some brave souls have built a USB to ISA bridge using a stm32h7 and running PCem.

But why stop there? The H7 has a meg of ram and runs at 400 MHz, why not run the whole emulator on the ARM?

If y'all wanna read some 🔥, @hugh posted this piece about maintenance and memory on Saturday and I was like "oh this will be interesting!" and then ended up reading the whole thing with my hand over my mouth like "oh damn."

Is any one on here a university first year or college freshman? Have you been able to make friends with people in your online classes? What's worked to build friendships for people you're not seeing face to face? What could your teachers or university be doing to make that easier?

my friend wrote this post:

> The Cheat Sheet: Books For Breaking Up With Jo

about what to read instead of harry potter, in case you're looking for wholesome magic books

"Your instance is bad."

"What's an instance?"

"Well, it's sort of like a small mastodon that's connected to the big mastodon. There are lots of them."


"You must choose!!"

"Wait, but is this permanent?"

"You can change it later."

"Is that easy to do?"


"Ok, I think I'll choose this one."

"You need an invite for that one."

"Why do I need an invite?"

"Because we don't want lots of people joining our instances."

"So can I have an invite?"

"No, we don't know you."

@Madeorsk hi! I really appreciate aleph, is there anything we landers can do to help with the instance? Got a paypal or whatever?

MicroBlocks just released their 1.0 beta! Now's a great time to try out this fun blocks programming language. Congratulations to the team!

Wait, I'm sorry, is "the marvel universe roleplay instance" ??? I need to get better plugged into the meta, this shit is over the top.

humorous diacritics 

To make a funny movie about Ibn Fadlan among the Rus would require you to depict curiosity and tolerance among Muslims, Christians, various pagans, Scandinavians, Arabs, and everything in between, due to the setting of the Volga as the mercantile lifeblood of Eastern Europe. These people were NOT isolated from each other and they did NOT live in bubbles of hatred and ignorance.

Were there atrocities in history? Of course there were. But what are we missing out on by leaving out all the rest?

@cinnamon hope you don't mind a follow! I'm super interested in Earthstar, I think you're exploring a wonderful design space.

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