crescent moon
in the tennis courts
envying the butterfly!

Are there any peertube instances of content friendly to / aimed toward kids?

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a new sneaker pimps album dropped today

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climate, storms 

re: china's very large spacecraft 

china's very large spacecraft 

Incredible discovery: the Unicode consortium report on emoji has an official ZWJ sequence example showing how you could implement cat fur colour patterns. Please tell me there are OSs that support this.

I don't care about simple engagement metrics like "number of faves". Tell me useful stats like "number of replies composed and discarded"

Looking for feel good explicitly queer short stories and movies recomendations, boosts encouraged 

algorithmic suppression of anti-alt-right video by YouTube 

is there like a support group for diaspora whose parents decided not to share their language or culture with

The 3.17 version of the Nextcloud Android client is out, bringing:

🎦 New streaming-video player
📂 Full folder upload
😍 UI changes to overlapping avatars, a new password dialog
& much more!

"I don't have regrets, but I am experiencing consequences."

My scant knowledge of pop culture 

The reason I am critical of early technology movements, the cyberspace movement, etc, is not because I think these ideals are worthless and should be discarded. On the contrary, they contain something incredibly important.

These rebellious and liberatory technology movements contain the seed for both mastodons and unregulatable facebooks. Free speech absolutism contains the seed for both EFF defending activist movements and 4chan/8chan wreaking abuse and violence on civil society. The cybernetic turn contains the seed for transitory humanity and surveillance capitalism. Free software contains the seed for self-empowerment and BDFLs and user-hostile design.

It is easy to say, "well it was just co-opted by money and power," but I think these movements always contained these multitudes within their foundational principles. As Stafford Beer said, "The purpose of a system is what it does."

Maybe they are either missing something that should be there, or mixed with something that shouldn't be there.

In short: We aren't done yet. We can't look at the world around us, influenced at it is by technology and the Internet, and continue to say "We got it right in the early 90s." We have to continue to envision a better future and not rest on the vision that got us here.

I love the local timeline, it's one of the best ways to build community and keep up with friends.

So this mindset from @Gargron is pretty disappointing.

Actual conversation my students just had 

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