Last boost: Seriously go look closer at that x-ray view of our galactic center. It’s amazing at all scales.

Lotta buzz about the new radio images of the Galactic Center from MeerKAT from the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory. Honestly, looks metal AF.

For 100 years, the version of Dracula that was being sold in the Icelandic language was actually an entirely new piece of fanfiction written by the translator. And apparently it's really fucking good, so it has recently been translated back into English as "Powers of Darkness: The Lost Version of Dracula"

Okay there's something really cool I've just learned. If you are continuously recording air pressure e.g. as part of your home automation setup or a weather station then you should really check the data of the last 24h.
You should be able to spot the pressure wave from the volcanic explosion in Tonga earlier today.

It reached my setup in Kaiserslautern at about 20:30.

I have a word in my mute list but I keep seeing posts with that word as the CW. Does tusky not handle that scenario correctly?

I'm pretty sure this worked right the last time everybody was posting about a game I didn't care about, so I'm confused. Maybe everybody was mentioning the game in their post bodies back then... This time the posts are just squares so maybe that's it?

Reasonable questions from a three year old 

IPv6-ghost-ship: Using TOTP as part of an AWS EC2 IPv6 address

The ridiculous Hollywood hacking scene "we change an IP address every 60 seconds" is finally a reality. 🤣 #infosec

Sometimes I read the federated tl just to get more practice with "lol that's incredibly wrong but I *don't* *need* to *reply*". Important life skills.

Happy new year everybody!

Autism spectrum organizations, boosts requested 

JWST on the Road to L2

Image Credit & Copyright: Malcolm Park (North York Astronomical Association) #APoD

Covid19 vaccine availability 

Billion dollar idea 

Don't want to spoil the joke thread with a serious response, but -- what processor DOES the JWST use? How out of date is it given the project started in the 90s?

The primary compute bits include the science instrument data handling electronics, the Solid State Recorder (SSR) and the Command & Data Handling processor (C&DH).

NASA has plenty of publications about the design, I haven't found anything yet that covers the SSR or C&DH yet, but this is an interesting article about implementing SpaceWire reliable messaging in an FPGA.

The science data handling here is done in an Actel AX1000 FPGA.

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