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Some highlights aside from the new logo and look 👇

very relatable quote from alexandra elbakyan on her plans for dealing with being sued by elsevier for creating scihub

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stolen from someone who didn't add source or image description lol 🏴‍☠️


and you should too

"The predominant paradigm is still one of pegging “environment” against “economy”; yet in reality, the choice is between exiting overshoot by design or disaster—because exiting overshoot is inevitable one way or another."

Please boost if it’s okay to befriend you, ask questions, ask for advice, rant, vent, let something off your chest, or just have a nice chat.

If I recall correctly, and to correct inaccurate implications I made above --
- the poster said their partner needs a new PC to do deep learning development on
- I think unemployment was mentioned in the post
- I think the developer-in-need was described as having a phd in CS
- I remember seeing the post boosted "recently" but this year has done weird things to my perception of time, it might have been a week or two ago? No clue when the post was dated.

A few days ago I saw a boost from a PhD computer scientist looking for a cheap CUDA GPU for doing neural networks, can anybody point me to that post? Thanks!

Mainstream white supremacy in the news 


Hey folks, I've gotten some really good reading recommendations on here in the past, so let's give this another whirl.

Looking for science fiction and/or fantasy book reccos. Some authors who I've read recently include:
Susanna Clarke
Robert Jackson Bennett
N.K. Jemesin
Charles Stross
Malka Older
Arkady Martine
Kameron Hurley
Charlie Jane Anders
Ann Leckie

Let the reccos fly!

5/ To learn more about this coup that successfully reshaped American politics, reverberating in this week's events, check out David Zucchino's "Wilmington's Lie: The Murderous Coup of 1898 and the Rise of White Supremacy." Out in paperback 1/19!

the real tragedy of the effort towards better handling of digital Arabic text is that even our loftiest goals are a compromise. most systems can't even do the super basic A in the first image correctly. few can pull off B, allowing letters to stack and bend, preserving some of the flourish and nuance of the script. the second image -- which is still text! -- is just not on the table. it's the kind of thing we're leaving behind to exist on computers.

Not about the politics:

I used to live in DC, while homeless, and there were frequent curfews due to political unrest.

This often led to homeless people who had nothing to do with the situation getting detained and harassed. This group is probably going to be doing a lot of work for the DC homeless community.

Please consider giving them some money. Thank you

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I want to co-sign the goodbye to Playvicious

If you see me fucking up -- especially in small ways, although also of course in big ways -- I'd be grateful if you let me know.

I appreciated this overview "The ABC’s of Google’s New Union: An explainer on non-contract unions, how workers at Alphabet are using this structure to build and maintain power, and why you should too."

Colonization and Decolonization - A Manual for Indigenous Liberation in the 21st Century

is one of the best resources I've found to learn and understand colonization and decolonization. It's a comic by Gord Hill. With his permission, I converted the PDF of it to the web, for those who prefer to read that way.

Yesterday someone was looking for a self-hosted streaming solution ("self-hosted twitch"), I just found this in my bookmarks -- Owncast via

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