I kinda impulse-bought some books... 🙈 but I need to calm down with the impulse-buying

Queen - Killer Queen //anonradio.net *Thank you for tuning in today peeps!!!* 🍎Mila's apple 🎾 Wimbledon 🎤🆘 tech issues and all, you're all adorable! thank you so much <3

listening by VLC on anonradio.net:8000/anonradio seems to be the best way guys, it appears as though that's the best stream

it appears as though we're having server issues on anon radio :(

Hey everyone! I'm live now on tune in if you can Muse - Starlight //anonradio.net

I'm tooting via aleph.land today, I guess. mastodon.sdf.org is down 😫 I have a show today!! I'm ready!! //anonradio.net

I thought I was gonna Netflix and chill on my own but instead I think I'm going to Netflix and pass out. I'm so tired 🙈

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