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It's been so long that I haven't been on here that I'm kind of shy tbh. But I want to come back, I like it here, it's a whole 'nother type of culture compared to birdsite. People are nice here

omg you can block a whole instance now??? This is so powerful, Mastodon is better moderated than Twitter and it doesn't even need moderators (I wouldn't block this instance though, the name is awesome)

and that should bring us up to speed. Few changes to the CSS overall since I left, that's pretty nice!

Mastodon FDC Stylish theme update 1.15:

- made the rightmost column look a bit better

get it at or update it from the stylish extension menu!

oh wait I forgot something, 1.15 coming in a few minutes lmao

Mastodon FDC Stylish theme update 1.14:

- updated the theme to fit newer Mastodon versions

get it at or update it from the stylish extension menu!

Birdsite is in flames because Trump made a typo and now they're making factions between those who find it funny and the smug assholes who claim the meme is dead
Why are so many of my friends still over there?

I'm liking the bosses though
But yeah, every level is just annoying
Quite good looking
But annoying

I just
I don't get that game
I trust it was made by intelligent people who knew what they were doing, and I respect their changes to the formula
But I just don't understand where they're going
And the new roll mechanics suck

But being fast isn't a good idea either for the same reasons as in the first game
So it really feels like the only thing to do is to go through an area again and again until you've been killed once by every single trap

Seriously though I have no idea what the level design is trying to get me to do
In DS1, every area helped further the idea that running all guns blazing is a bad idea
But here, there are so many enemies that can see you from an astral unit away that going slow is actually a bad thing

‪Me, playing dark souls 2: alright there's a tough enemy ahead, these games reward being slow and taking in one's surroundings‬, I should stay here for a minute and---
‪[an arrow shoots out of nowhere and into my face]
[the seinfield theme plays in the distance]

What video game would you recommend to a bored person on a tiny metered connection? (The internet cable in the street broke so I'm stuck on 3G for a few days)

A'ight, I cheated in Dark Souls 2 to set my adaptability to 99, and I'm restricting myself to <25% equip load
the game is actually almost fun now
I sometimes dodge things when I roll, actually

Lucio's tagline should be "he doesn't look like an idiot in a fedora"
I mean that's like a superpower

the beginning of Dark Souls 2 sucks hard is there any point in going on or can I just skip the game?

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