I guess I can say I've moved to @duwang@crazynoisybizarre.town now. Sorry guys but this instance is a bit dead tbh

I love this language it's so pretty mkjdfqmldkfj

I'm starting to get the hang of how to pronounce the letter qaf in Arabic

ok so the new Stylish update to the boost button looks pretty cool on a laptop
but on my beefier desktop, which has a higher-res screen and has animations on, it looks like shit
Think I'll have to delete it

ゴゴゴゴ is a japanese word that means "to menace, to make a frightening display"

next Stylish update I'll try and make the follow button in the notification area use the accent color (teal with the default color scheme)

@JosephMoestar@crazynoisybizarre.town found you quick, didn't i?

Dear technology people,

Please use other colors than white and blue once in a while. Just look at my pinned sites.

Thank you,
Dia aleph.land/media/Nmy2TekGIDe07

Mastodon FDC theme update 1.16:

- fixed the "back" button still using vanilla colors when looking at the local/federated timeline

- made the "boost" and "favorite" buttons use the theme's colors (thanks @Dhveszak@crazynoisybizarre.town for the help)

Install it from userstyles.org/styles/140852/m or update it from the Stylish menu!

I'll see if I can make the boost and favorite buttons a different color too in the next version, might be cool if they used your theme's colors

the "back" button on the local and federated timeline still uses the default Mastodon CSS but I'm too lazy to hit f12 and update my stylish lmao
btw install my stylish: userstyles.org/styles/140852/m

this instance is kinda dead, should I make a new account or wait for the Migration Feature(tm)?

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