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Hey, I'm moving my account to @dantescanline
If you follow me here I'd love to see you over there!

Hey, I'm moving my account to @dantescanline
If you follow me here I'd love to see you over there!

I do not step shyly back from your property, but look upon it always as my property, in which I respect nothing.

-my cats, every time I eat.

@Madeorsk hi! is it possible to migrate accounts from to another instance? when i go to my preferences->account there's no options for this here. But on other instances this seems to be enabled. here's the documentation about this feature

shit, i want to switch instances, this one is kinda dead. but also moving on mastodon sucks too?

had a dream where they rebooted Stuart Little but they set it in like, 2003

Beer punks and anarchist cafes: politics for profit
Many could be forgiven for thinking it was a belated April Fools prank when, at the beginning of the month, Freedom Press released a statement reading that close to their premises in Whitechapel and out with their knowledge, the colossal Hilton hotel group had opened an upmarket cockta
#Anarchism #branding #cooption #FreedomPress #London #marketing

War in Ukraine 

All labor is skilled labor. Yes, even if that person is high at work.

floored to discover that john walker of the walker brothers original name was John Maus ???

i shouldn't say arguing, at least until i got this reply. the r/mutualism subreddit is fairly tame and mostly just people gently asking questions about wtf mutualism is. i wish we could de-marx-ify people quicker or better but its a very long road pulling that out of the left's collective brain.

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