Submitting a suggestion to the legislature to replace the Great Seal Of The State Of Arizona with an Adequate Seal Of The State Of Arizona which should hopefully have a less expensive valuation thus reducing the state's federal taxes.

Je suis à la recherche d'études de psychologie (peut-être neurologie ?). Partage apprécié ☺️ 

Formatting interop issue 

Presumably I should put down a pool of water before I build any more of this.

But later.

Step 1: log in just to poke around a little bit to see what you were doing.

Step 2: walk off the edge of a redstone wire and fall several stories to your death. 🤦‍♀️

Oops. That's 16 levels gone.

Minecraft joke 

Jeu vidéo 

Jeu vidéo 

@aldersprig (cc @wsteria) I found one more ghast tear at my storehouse! So we have enough materials to make the final crystal for a dragon respawn sometime.

@aldersprig oh no, I was incautious trying to shift six chest carts around at once and they convulsed and bumped into each other and ran over the powered rails repeatedly and exploded into an outpouring of chest carts that went all over

I think I'm still missing one. If you happen to see a chest cart full of stuff near QFM, could you stash the contents somewhere and nudge me?


The credits scroll is also longer than I expected. I wish they'd made it scroll a little faster. Movies and stuff don't usually roll it this slowly.

Wow, I didn't know the #Minecraft credits music was such a dramatic synth-orchestral track. I wonder what version this was added…

Minecraft update, contexty/vague 

For *handwave* reasons, I'm going to be much less active here for a while except for occasionally exchanging updates on the Minecraft world I've been building in. Depending on how I'm feeling, I'm likely to not engage with other stuff at all.

Thank you for your consideration.

Minecraft hazards 

re: Minecraft building planning 

Minecraft building planning 

Il y a plein de panneaux ici à Londres qui invitent les gens à respecter la règle des deux mètres. Et oui, le Royaume-Uni utilise officiellement le système métrique. Bon, officiellement seulement : encore beaucoup de gens ne le maîtrisent pas.

Donc on croise beaucoup de panneaux qui traduisent la règle des deux mètres dans le système déprécié. Et là, c’est le drame : ils semblent vouloir mettre une traduction exacte. Il parlent donc de la règle des « 6' 6'' »… comme si ces deux mètres représentaient une grandeur universelle. Sérieux : restez déjà à 1,83 m de moi, ça ira très bien. Les 6 pouces de plus, c’est juste du bonus 😅​

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