Oops, I vanished for a while.

I'm not *really* back yet

I see there's instance moves and stuff going on

I'll catch up after one of these naptimes


The warrior snarled, and the dragon snarled back.

The warrior bellowed, and the dragon roared.

The warrior brandished his swords and the dragon spread it's wings, spraying flames.

The warrior stomped his heavily armored boots, and the dragon lashed it's tail.

And then the song ended.

They bowed and parted ways; neither had ever had such a compatible dance partner before.

They hoped to dance again one day... perhaps do more than dance?

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

gross food problems 

Fonty noodling with a bunch of Latin-1 repertoire. Needs one or two more pixels of line space, at least if I want the accented capitals to be full height, which I kind of do. Also tried making the eszett more fully a ligature, closer to other glyphs I've seen, but still have no idea what actual German etc. speakers would think…

WIP pixely fonty thing for a Total Vaporware™ that would be kinda “retrofuture stylized cyberspace” in aesthetic. Windows-1252 repertoire.

Really proud of that ampersand. The eszett (rightmost in the third row from the bottom) feels interesting, but I don't read German so I don't know if it's any good for legibility (would love to know!). Some of the other stuff definitely needs work still, especially the non-$ currency symbols and the ©/®, and the Ð/ð stuff and the diacritic positioning on the other letters might want tweaking, and…

For a moment there I thought I was going to go back and get some more sleep, but I guess I'm giving up and getting early-afternoon coffee

executive dysfunction 

Today is a far more Psyduck day than it has any right to be, I guess.

"Reduce!" howled the protestors, "Reuse! Recycle!"

They were at it all night, keeping CEOs awake, vacating just before dawn.

As dusk blossomed on distant continents, others concerned with the environment rose and marched into the night.

Some simply planted and tended saplings, fiercely protecting their oxygen giving charges.

The vampires would save the Earth if humans didn't.

After all, they UNDERSTOOD conserving THEIR food supply.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

*double checks Alopexian-Felinish Dictionary, quietly speaks to himself, then nods*

Nyao. Mew, mew meow nya.

Public Spelling Announcement 

Be reasonable, folks!

Why would you want to ESCAPE a herb witch cottage? You WOULDN'T.

But the ruins will be just as beautiful, even more mysterious, and might ALSO havea reason why you need to escape. (I mean ... air is probably a big one!)


LB: Obviously you want to encourage @InspectorCaracal to make a cool game by voting in his poll.

And obviously you should vote with your heart.

And obviously your heart is screaming UNDERWATER RUINS because how cool and creepy would that be!

What sort of setting should I use for a Twine escape-room game that is heavily focused on setting description?

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