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« Informationsfreiheit in #Sachsen: ein Sonderbericht, eine #IFG-Anfrage durch @greenpeace_de, eine 40-Seitige Ablehnung, eine Klage, eine skandalöse Gesetzesänderung: Der Rechnungshof wird vom Umweltinformationsgesetz ausgenommen. »

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Capitalism in a nutshell:

1. Invest all money in businesses that exploit natural resources (the environment/people) in an unquenchable, shortsighted & illogical thirst for perpetual growth within a closed system.

2. When ramifications become visible, blame the people forced to patronise those businesses due to lack of alternatives for being irresponsible in their personal consumption choices.

Rinse and repeat until we all die because we’ve destroyed our habitat.

So, how’s your week going? :)

sleep science 

It makes me uncomfortable how people have adopted corporate language when talking about themselves on the internet. You are not a corporation or a persona. You are a whole person.

You don't have a "brand" – you have passions and interests. You don't "create content" – you share thoughts, words, ideas, knowledge, and a whole galaxy of other things.

There are plenty of people out there who want to categorise you and put you in a box. Don't help them to do this.

You're so much more than that. 💚

Die #RWE-Nutten torpedieren den Plan zum #Kohleausstieg schon jetzt:
Man erlebe, wie einzelne Unionsvertreter beginnen, den Kompromiss infrage zu stellen, »obwohl sie in der Kommission vertreten waren«, zeigte sich DNR-Chef Niebert enttäuscht. Er nannte zwar keine Namen, hat aber offensichtlich Nordrhein-Westfalens Ministerpräsidenten Armin Laschet (CDU) im Blick.… #Klimakrise #NoCDU #Laschet #NRW #PoweredByRSS

This [1] is an amazing article about how human societies develop beliefs, how information is passed along and how different actors manipulate this process.


In case you get bored by the talk about science in the middle, it's still worth it to read further below where they talk about society and democracy.

So my friend from the Netherlands is starting a podcast series.

She is a Caribbean Dutch gyal and give her podcast a listen! She wants to tackle all the topics on being Black in the Netherlands that no one else talks about.

Support Black women & Indie Creators!!!!

I wonder how people growing up reading and writing from right to left or bottom to top see programming languages.



8 characters-long passwords are dead, even with the whole keyspace used (Upper, Lower, Number, Symbol).. Time to decrypt a hash of such passwords
~ 2h30 with hardware accessible to a (fortunate) particular..Certainly less by "pros" hackers..
Update your passwords !


Privacy is not a science, it is a human right

My response to a dangerous turd of an article by Bart van der Sloot (co-founder of Amsterdam Privacy Week – sponsored by Palantir and Google – and docent teaching “Privacy and Big Data” at Tilburg University)

Mr. Sloot attempts to reframe privacy as a “science” and shame those who work to protect it for having a “pro-privacy agenda” & not being “neutral”. He also calls for “new rules” to disallow such biased behaviour.


I often hear that since disabled individuals are the minority of the workforce, we don't have to prioritize #accessible software development... 62% of blind people are unemployed, and it's partially because of inaccessible software. If it's not accessible, it’s not ethical. #ux


Does anybody actually believe that open plan offices raise over-all productivity because they increase or simplify communication (which they don't), or is that just a pretext and everybody actually knows it's just to save money?

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