@rice@niu.moe replying to be able to find this again ;)

@mrtino I think the main reason for moxie is the current use of gca and the resulting reduction in user-friendliness of not using it. 🤷‍♂️

"There is no such thing as meritocracy."

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If You Thought College Admission Scandal Was Bad, This Woman’s Post About Rich People Buying Her Writing Services Will Show It’s Worse | Bored Panda boredpanda.com/woman-reveals-c

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A few weeks ago:
“Hey, we at Facebook taking privacy serious now.”

“Facebook saved millions of passwords in plain text”

Just quit.

#facebook #security

@MordecaiPinhas if you ask me it's a combination of trust, sympathy and familiarity. This applies whatever 'kind of' love it is. Everything else is pretty much either a consequence of the above or (of) sexual attraction or cuddliness/oxycotin deficiency.

I'd be interested in a better definition or arguments against it..as I haven't found any yet.

re: sacrilege, social media, conservatives 

@jwildeboer It's amazing how great danger can unify people. I wonder why that doesn't work for the UK though...I suspect standing order 14 has something to do with it.

re: implied heteronormativity, maybe? 

@rice@niu.moe If you ask me, the only points you get from your genes are on your skin.


re: implied heteronormativity, maybe? 

@mitsu@niu.moe this happens to me almost the moment I hear their name..mostly because I'm too focused on the person, their facial expressions, their movements, and so on....too focused on that stream of perceptions to take a mental step back and think about things.

@rice@niu.moe excellent advice! I have to remember that :)

@roko@shitposter.club she'd be a prime example to disprove the sign but it doesn't talk about her freedoms (although it pretends to) it talks about corporate freedoms. So the photo is sadly missing the really sinister angle....and it shows that the sign works.

A house foreclosure next to it would get the argument across more effectively.

Sorry, sometimes I'm too cynical.

@rice@niu.moe nomnomnom that sounds amazing (including the lentils and their friends that you get for dinner). enjoy!

@pea what a total waste of space that person is. Unbelievable.

@pea I'm so sorry you have to deal with this shit.

If that person was a proper human, they'd know that reducing anyone to tears is absolutely unacceptable.
If they were at all qualified for their position, they'd know that happy employees are productive employees and they're the person actually detrimental to productivity rather than you.
Such an asshole.😡​

There's a hug if you want one....those are a lot easier to judge consent for in person.

Ein paar Beispiele gefällig?
Verschlüsselung stärken - Tor verbieten
Personalmangel bei Polizei ignorieren - Polizeigesetze verschärfen
Dieselskandal ignorieren - Grenzwerte hochsetzen
Digitalsteuer ablehnen - Verantwortung an Plattformen abschieben -> Uploadfilter
Grundrechte für die Sicherheit opfern - Nazis in Polizei und Militär ignorieren


Diese Politiker, die jetzt verzweifelt nach Inkonsistenzen bei #frodayforfuture suchen, dass die Kinder Müll machen oder bei McDoof essen, sollten sich echt in Grund und Boden schämen. Denn sie sind es, die ohne jede Scham eine politische Inkonsistenz nach der anderen generieren.

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