All of the problems in this world come down to money, if you think about it.
I'm not a communist, but I hate capitalism. I personally feel like humans themselves are not capable of creating a socioeconomic system that would benefit all, we need to use AI for that.


@evertprants I'd argue money is an efficient medium of exchange. You're probably looking for a fairer distribution of means and a more useful basis for reward issuance. How would you distribute wealth/means/power? What behaviour would you want to reward people for?

The problem is that I don't know how to do that. In fact, nobody has figured it out that's why we're still here

@evertprants I'd start with making sure everyone had enough to eat, be healthy and to get a proper education.
And I'd reward people for behaviour that benefits (helps, supports, protects) their peers/neighbours/community/society.

My .02. Feel free to point out any downsides I might have missed.

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