China's top legislative committee approved a proposal “prohibiting the illegal wildlife trade, abolishing the bad habit of overconsumption of wildlife, and effectively protecting the lives and health of the people". Good news!

'Eventually, “nature” will find a new balance. Just not necessarily with us as a species in it.' Says researcher Wytske Versteeg from Uni Utecht



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Do you have an affinity with activism, grass roots organising or campaigning on agriculture & food issues? Are you concerned about climate change? Under 30? ASEED are looking for people to join them in Amsterdam for a year

Start in September 2019 & help develop the "Fossil Free Agriculture" campaign
Inspired by the "Free the Soil" initiative, this campaign aims to challenge the industrial food system by focusing on its fossil fuel dependence & climate change impacts

Just bought an old book from 1970 informing about dangers of pollution and global warming before club of rome report was published in 1972.

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